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How To File An Amendment For A Virginia LLC

Step By Step Guide To Virginia LLC Amendments

How to File a Virginia LLC Amendment:

To amend your Virginia Limited Liability Company, you file one original Virginia LLC Articles of Amendment with the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission. The Articles must be signed by a manager or other person who has been delegated the right and power to manage the business and affairs of the LLC.

If the articles are being signed by a person other than a manager or member, who has been delegated the right and power to manage the LLC, then a statement to this effect must be included below the signature area.

You can submit the Articles of Amendment by mail, in person or online.

Is There Information You Cannot Change By Filing an Amendment?

You cannot change your Virginia registered agent by filing Articles of Amendment. To change your registered agent, you have to file a Change of Registered Agent/Office (Form LLC-1016).

How Do Amendments Have to Be Approved?

If your Virginia LLC has members, then all amendments must be approved by all of your members, unless the Articles of Organization or your Operating Agreement lay out a different vote requirement for making amendments.

What Is The Filing Fee?

The filing fee is $25. If paying with a check, make payable to: State Corporation Commission. Do not send cash to the SCC.

If you submit the Articles of Amendment online, there is an automatic convenience fee of 2.35% ($1.95 minimum).

How Long Does It Take to Process An Amendment?

Documents filed with the SCC may take one to three weeks to review, process and file (or reject). You can contact the Office of the Clerk and request the current anticipated turnaround time at: 804-371-9733.

Articles of Amendment cannot be submitted through Virginia’s eFile system, but they can be filed using the SCC PDF Submission process. PDF Submission is done online but is not processed in real time. You can, however, expedite a PDF filing.

What Are the Expedite Options?

To expedite your Articles of Amendment filing, you must include an Expedite Service Request Form.

There are two expedite options: Same Day for $200 and Next Day for $100.

What State Agency Do You File With?

You should submit your filing to:

Virginia Clerk of the State Corporation Commission
PO Box 1197
Richmond, Virginia 23218-1197

Street Address:

1300 East Main Street
Tyler Building
1st Floor
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Virginia State Corporation Commission LLC Forms:

Virginia SCC LLC Forms Library

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