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New York LLC Publication Guide


A Domestic New York LLC or a foreign New York LLC must publish certain information in two newspapers in the county of the principal office address. We can help you save at least $1,000 on New York LLC Publication by using our registered agent service and publishing in Albany County instead of New York County.

Just follow the steps in our free New York LLC publication guide to save a ton of money.

1. Hire Northwest as your registered agent for $125

Sign up online for immediate service, including all the New York business forms and instructions you need. Signing up for our New York registered agent service is the key to using our registered office address and publishing in Albany County.

2. Register your LLC with the NY Dept of State

New Businesses

This step may be completed by filing the NY Articles of Organization or NY Application for Authority by mail, fax, in person, or online. Forming a NY LLC costs $200. Qualification of a foreign LLC in NY costs $250. Normal processing takes at least 7 business days plus mail time. Faxed filings are charged an additional fee for expedited review. We recommend online filing which is processed in one day at no extra charge.

Existing Businesses

If you have already formed your New York LLC or registered as a foreign LLC in New York, you will need to change your “address for service of process,” also known as changing your NY registered agent. This can be done by filing a Certificate of Change or Amendment form with the Department of State by mail or fax. The NY domestic certificate of change and NY foreign certificate of change cost $30 to file. The NY domestic amendment and NY foreign amendment cost $60.

3. Publish the notice in Albany newspapers using our registered office address

How to publish your New York LLC information

  • Publication is supposed to be completed within 120 days of the effective date on your initial articles of organization, or qualification of a foreign LLC from out of state. If you don’t complete the publication in the specified time frame, you are not off the hook. You should still make sure you complete the publication process.
  • You must publish the notice for 6 successive weeks!
  • You must publish in 2 different newspapers! One newspaper must be a daily published newspaper, and the second can be a weekly published newspaper. We recommend the Daily Gazette (daily) and the Ravena News-Herald (weekly). The Daily Gazette charges a $49.99 flat fee and the Ravena News-Herald costs about $55.
  • You may email or mail your requests.
  • Although we recommend the Daily Gazette and Ravena News-Herald (listed below), you can visit the following page at the Albany County Clerk’s website for a full list of acceptable newspapers: Newspapers Designated for Publication of Legal Notices.
The Daily Gazette
149 Main Street,
Ravena, NY 12143
Phone (518) 395-3028

Ravena News-Herald
149 Main Street

Ravena, NY 12143




4. Pay the Albany County newspapers roughly $100 to publish

This is how our Albany location saves our clients a lot of money. Publishing a notice in a NYC paper is going to be expensive. It is not unheard of for new businesses to fork over $1000 just to publish their information in the New York papers. Publishing in Albany is much more affordable.

5. Wait 6 weeks for the publication to be complete and then submit the Certificate of Publication to the Department of State

When 6 weeks have passed, the newspaper will mail you an affidavit of publication. This document is your proof of publication. It must be submitted to the NY Department of State with a Certificate of Publication form.

The Certificate of Publication is a very brief form that should only take you a few minutes to complete. The Department of State provides certificate forms and we make also them available to you. Make sure you have the correct form, as there is a NY Certificate of Publication domestic form and a NY Certificate of Publication foreign form. Include the publication affidavits from the newspapers and the $50 filing fee. The state will take 7 business days (plus mail time) to process the certificate of publication.

6. File a Certificate of Change or an Amendment with the Department of State

If you decide to keep us on as your registered agent for service of process in New York, we charge $125 a year. We accept service of process on your behalf, send you report filing reminders, and you always have access to our state business forms in your online account.

If you would like to discontinue our registered agent service, simply change your service of process address with the department of state. Filing a certificate of change or amendment form changes your New York registered office address to your business address. Filing an amendment costs $60 while the certificate of change only costs $30. The NY domestic certificate of changeNY foreign certificate of changeNY domestic amendment, and NY foreign amendment forms are in your online account immediately after signing up for NY registered agent service. Once you have changed your agent, just go into your online account to cancel our service.

This Sounds Like A Lot Of Work. How Does This Save Me Money?

Our method saves about $1000 in publication fees. You do have to jump through an extra hoop or two, but it makes sense if you are not interested in throwing your money away. It is really two easy steps in addition to all of the state’s requirements. Simply hire and list us as the registered agent and when it is all said and done, file a form to change the address to your own. There is nothing in the statute requiring anyone to re-publish if a change of address is made. Is this more of a hassle? Maybe a little bit. However, the publication process is already such a burden on new businesses, don’t let it cost you a small fortune as well.

We have offices in all 50 states, and can serve as your registered agent in New York, Delaware, New Jersey, and any other state. We provide online tools to monitor your entity, we track your annual or biennial report dates, we upload all documents received locally into your online account immediately, we charge a flat rate of $125 a year, and you can always get in contact with us.

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