Nominee Service for LLC or Corporation

Nominee Service for LLC or Corporation

Nominee Service

Our budget nominee service is $500 a year for LLCs. We will list a company as the manager of your LLC. Our budget nominee service for corporations is $1000 a year. We will list ourselves as your president, secretary, and director. You maintain your Vice President role on your corporation bylaws, which aren’t filed with the state. These fees are just for listing our names on the Secretary of State’s official paperwork.

We will also act as your registered agent. We have our business registered in every state in America to act as your agent and keep your business in good standing. We do not provide a weird name from someone living in Nigeria or the Dominican Republic. We do the nominee service ourselves. We also do not provide limited power of attorneys for you to sign on our behalf. We do everything ourselves. On the corporation bylaws or LLC operating agreement, you, the shareholders, or members, will have full control of your company, and can vote us out at any time, so you don’t have to worry about some weird contract with us.

Our full service nominee service is $3500 a year, plus normal $75 an hour research/paralegal time. Standard annual meetings and corporate signings are included in this yearly price. We will travel if needed to sign contracts and important documents for out of country clientele. Travel time is $125 an hour plus expenses.

We can set up various LLCs and corporations in as many states as you would like. We are not lawyers or asset protection specialists. We are just a national registered agent and incorporation company. If you have serious concerns about what you are doing, we recommend you speak to an attorney or an asset protection specialist, and then use our economical LLC formation and incorporation service, along with our registered agent service to maintain your new company.

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