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A virtual office is a staffed office location that offers your business on-demand secretarial services. We support many businesses looking to have a virtual office by providing a unique business address for you, your own phone number, forwarded to your existing number, mail forwarding, mail scanning, and we can form your business and maintain your business in any state.

As a national provider of registered office addresses, we can provide you a full-service package to establish your business in the US, and any state. We have office locations in every US state.

We provide company formation services, so instead of just hiring a landlord and getting a bad virtual office or virtual address lease, by hiring Northwest, you get a business compliance company that will help you start your company correctly the first time, and help you maintain your business year after year.

A US Virtual Address:

We will provide you a virtual address that is yours and only yours. We will provide you a unique suite number that looks professional and easy to remember. Something like Suite 1000. We do not reuse suite numbers, so yours will be the first use and clean. Having a virtual address can be great for you. Think of a VPN or VPS. You can route your mail and company details through our secure locations. This way you won’t have to worry about moving some day or updating your information with the general public. Most importantly, you control who has your private information.

A US Virtual phone number:

We can provide you a second phone number in any state. We will provide you your own unique to you phone number. We can offer you a virtual phone number in any state. We will forward the number right to any number you desire.

We offer comprehensive US virtual office services at 4 main hubs for your convenience:

Delaware Virtual Office:

The world’s biggest place to incorporate and form your business. The world knows Delaware. A Delaware LLC or a Delaware corporation carries a high level of prestige and acceptance all over the world. The biggest US companies incorporate in Delaware. Delaware exists to form companies. The Delaware corporation was one of the first ways to have a US business and the Delaware community puts forth extensive efforts to try to make Delaware a good place to base your business and file your formation paperwork. The Corporations Division supplies 35% of the entire State of Delaware general operating budget. They care about you basing your company in Delaware. Delaware has created specific taxing laws to allow for you to use a virtual office service like ours to have a Delaware corporate headquarter address, a Delaware phone number, and a Delaware mailing address, and still not owe Delaware income taxes. Here’s our Delaware virtual office program.

Wyoming Virtual Office:

The worlds best place to incorporate and form your business. Wyoming has no corporate or personal income tax. Wyoming doesn’t even have a department of revenue for income taxes. You can form a Wyoming LLC with minimal public information, and Wyoming has the greatest and strongest set of asset protection laws for businesses formed in Wyoming. Lawyers are reasonable to hire in Wyoming and the state does not survive on forming companies. Wyoming has huge deposits of coal, oil, and natural resources that fund one of the smallest populations in the US. Wyoming also has extremely smart and progressive lawyers that enact and maintain awesome asset protection laws, and create very cool vehicles for entity creation with closed LLCs and closed corporations for closely held LLCs and corporations. Here’s our Wyoming Virtual Office program.

Montana Virtual Office:

Montana has no sales tax. Many people establish a business in Montana and use that business as a special purpose business to buy, own, and sell assets to not pay sales tax. Montana has income tax if your business generates more than $225,000 of income a year. But no sales tax. Many people desire to own and hold title to assets through a Montana company. We help you establish your Montana company by forming your Montana company, providing a Montana phone number, and getting your mail for you in Montana. Here’s our Montana Virtual Office program.

Washington Virtual Office:

Washington is a great place to establish a national company. Washington has a highly educated workforce. Washington State has no personal income tax. Washington State also does not tax you on revenue made in other states. Washington State has a simple gross income tax which is expensive if you’re not profitable, but if you’re a profitable company is way cheaper than what 45 other states have in a net personal and net corporate income tax. Washington also, thanks to massive employers like Microsoft, Boeing, and Amazon has some of the best laws in the country for employers protecting IP and company secrets. If you eventually want to actually operate in the US, having a Washington virtual office service like us, makes a lot of sense.  Another benefit of having a Washington Virtual Office is that your business will not be at one of the hot spots in the country. Many people associate a Nevada, Texas, Florida, California, Delaware, Montana, and Wyoming company address as an address that could be a virtual address. A Washington Virtual Address will look extremely normal to anyone. Here’s our Washington virtual office program.

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