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California Charity Registration

A Free Guide To Registering Your CA Charity

Do I have to register my nonprofit charity with the California Attorney General?

Yes. All organizations and persons that seek charitable funds in California must register with the Attorney General, Registry of Charitable Trusts. Public Benefit Nonprofits must register and some Mutual Benefit Nonprofits if any of their assets are for a charitable purpose. Religious Nonprofits do not register with the Attorney General.

How do I register my public benefit nonprofit with the California Attorney General?

For your California charity registration, you fill out and submit CT-1 Form, (Initial Registration Form) to the office of the Attorney General, Registry of Charitable Trusts.

Attach copies of your articles of incorporation and bylaws. There is a $25 registration fee.

Are there annual renewal requirements for California charities?

Submit RRF-1 Form, (Annual Registration Renewal Fee Report) each year by April 15th. The fee is from $0 to $300 depending on your annual revenue. You can download all charity forms at the link below or in your online account if you hire ‘Northwest’ as your California registered agent.

What about the fundraisers that my nonprofit employs?

All professional charity fundraisers register, and annually renew with CT-1CF Form. It is due by January 15th and the fee is $350.

How long does it take to process my California charity registration?

It can take up to four months before your organization shows up on the CA Charity Registry.

Where do I file my charity registration?

California Attorney Generals Office Registry of Charitable Trusts P.O. Box 903447 Sacramento, CA 94203-4470 Phone:  (916) 445-2021
Physical address: Office of the Attorney General 1300 “I” Street Sacramento, CA 95814-2919

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