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Charitable Registration In Georgia


Does my nonprofit organization in Georgia need to register as a charity?

Yes. In Georgia, organizations and individuals that solicit contributions from the public for charitable purposes are required to register with the Georgia Secretary of State prior to accepting any money. You’re asked to disclose financial information and other facts relating to your GA nonprofit organization.

How do I register my Georgia nonprofit as a charity?

You will need to fill out and submit a Charitable Organization Registration form to the Secretary of State’s Professional Licensing Boards and Securities Division.

Is there a fee for registering my GA nonprofit as a charity?

Yes, there is a $35 fee that should be submitted with your Charitable Organization Registration form.

Are there any annual requirements for my GA Charity?

You will need to renew your charitable organization registration every two years on or before the expiration date. You will receive a renewal notice a month prior to your Georgia nonprofit organization’s expiration date. Sign and return this notice with any required attachments, such as your financial statements and a renewal fee. This fee is $20. In the chance that you don’t receive a notice of renewal, the state expects you to be responsible for renewing your registration no matter what. If you will need additional time to attach your financial statements, you can write a request for an extension that will be attached to the renewal form.

What about financial disclosures?

If your nonprofit has received any charitable contributions during the fiscal year, you will need to attach IRS form 990 or 990 E-Z from the two previous years, if applicable, to your registration form. You will also need to include financial statements concerning the amount of money your nonprofit has received or collected.

What do I do if there is any change to the initial registration statement?

If any changes are made to the initial registration statement, you must amend the registration within 30 days. The section of the form that will be amended should be circled and updated, and filed with the execution page (page 1) of the Charitable Organization Registration form, and manually signed by an authorized agent, and then notarized.

What if my nonprofit wants to have a raffle or bingo game to raise money?

You will have to contact the sheriff’s office where your nonprofit is located.

Are there any fundraising disclosure requirements for my nonprofit in Georgia?

Upon solicitation, your nonprofit is required to reveal its name, location, and a full, fair description of the charitable program for which the solicitation program is occurring. Also, a summary of the charity’s financial statement is required if requested, which will be consistent with the financial statement that’s required to be filed with the GA Secretary of State.

Georgia Charity and Nonprofit Resources:

Georgia Licensing Boards and Securities Division
Professional Licensing Boards and Securities Division
237 Coliseum Drive
Macon, GA 31217-3858
Phone: (478) 207-2440

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