North carolina annual report

All businesses in North Carolina are required to submit an Annual Report to the Secretary of State each year. Annual Reports are updates to the corporate information listed with the state, such as the names and addresses of members/officers, business and mailing addresses, and registered agent information. Annual reports can be filed online or by mail.

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NC Annual Report Costs, Due Dates and How to File

Business Type Cost Due Date How to File
Profit Corporations $20 ($25 by Mail) 15th Day of 4th Month After Fiscal Year End Online & Mail
Nonprofit Corporation No Fee No Annual Report No AR
Foreign Corporation $20 ($25 by Mail) 15th Day of 4th Month After Fiscal Year End Online & Mail
Domestic/Foreign LLCs $202 ($200 by Mail) April 15th Online & Mail
Charities $0 to $200 (Based Upon Contributions) Anniversary Date of Charity License Online & Mail

How to File Your NC Annual Report with the Secretary of State:

  1. 1. It is easy and efficient for corporations and limited liability companies to file the annual report online with the North Carolina Secretary of State. On the Corporations Division page, click on ‘File Annual Reports ONLINE,’ search your company name and click the annual report hyperlink. The process is explained on your reminder postcard, and we furnish a link below. If you are changing your North Carolina registered agent, you have to file the paper form with the signature of the new registered agent. See option 2.
  2. 2. On the same webpage search your company name, then select, ‘Pre-populated Annual Report Fillable PDF Form.’ An annual report with your current information will be generated. You will be able to make any necessary changes before printing. North Carolina Corporations filing the paper annual report form must submit it to the NC Department of Revenue with your annual report fee and their franchise and income tax return.

NC Nonprofits, LPs, PCs, and PLLCs do not file annual reports with the Secretary of State.

North Carolina Charities: NC issues a charity license that will need renewed every year with the Charitable Solicitation Licensing Section of the Department of the Secretary of State. The renewal application is rather long and detailed, and needs to be notarized. You must fill it out and mail it in with the filing fee. See our link below.



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