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Ohio Biennial Report Filing Instructions

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The state of Ohio requires all Professional Associations and Limited Liability Partnerships to file a biennial report every two years. Nonprofits must file a Statement of Continued Existence every five years. Ohio corporations and LLCs are not required to file biennial reports or statements of continued existence. All reports must be submitted to the Ohio Secretary of State. Here you will find an easy-to-read guide for how to file the Ohio Biennial Report yourself. We include due dates, filing fees, required information, and answers to frequently asked questions.

How to File Your Ohio Biennial Report

To file your Ohio Biennial Report, you must complete these steps:

  1. Determine your due date and filing fee.
  2. Complete your report online OR download a paper form.
  3. Submit your report to the Ohio Secretary of State.


Ohio Biennial Report Due Dates and Fees

Ohio Biennial Report Fee Schedule

Business Type


Due Date

How to File

Professional Associations


July 1, even- numbered years

Online or Paper Form

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)


July 1, odd-numbered years

Online or Paper Form

Nonprofits, Cooperatives, and Religious Corporations


End of anniversary month – every 5 years.

Online or Paper Form

Late Fees: Ohio doesn’t charge late fees for failing to file a report; however, your business will be administratively dissolved or revoked if no report or certificate of existence has been submitted within 30 days following your due date.

Don’t remember when you registered your Ohio nonprofit? You can easily find your anniversary month by searching the Ohio Business Database.

Filing Your Ohio Biennial Report

The Ohio Biennial Report OR Certificate of Continued Existence can be filed online or by mail. Either way, you’ll need to visit the Ohio Secretary of State website.

  • On the state website, go to the Filing Forms & Fee Schedule page.
  • Scroll down the page to find your specific business type.
  • Professional Associations and LLPs will click “File Biennial Report Online at Ohio Business Center” OR “Download Biennial Report (PDF).”
  • Nonprofits will click “File Continued Existence of Nonprofit Corporation Online” OR “Download Continued Existence of Nonprofit Corporation (PDF).”
  • If you choose to file online, you will need to enter your login username and password. You can create an account by selecting “Click here to Create Profile.”

Here is a complete list of everything you’ll need to include, verify, and/or update on your biennial report OR certificate of continued existence:

  • Business name and charter/registration number. You can find your number by searching the Ohio Business Database.
  • Shareholder names and addresses – Professional Associations only.
  • Principal address – LLPs and nonprofits only.
  • State you initial formed in – nonprofits only.
  • Statutory agent name and address (nonprofits only). You can’t change this information by filing a certificate of continued existence. If you need to update your Ohio Statutory Agent, you’ll need to file a Statutory Agent Update form. There is a $25 filing fee.
  • Signature and title of person filing the report.

If you choose to file online, you must pay the filing fee with a credit card. If you file by mail, you’ll need to include a check or money order.

Ohio Biennial Report FAQ

Does Ohio require new businesses to file initial reports?

No. New businesses in Ohio are not required to file initial reports.

Are there late fees or penalties if I don’t file my Ohio Biennial Report?

You won’t be charged a late fee for failing to file your biennial report or certificate of continued existence. However, your business will be administratively dissolved or revoked if no report or certificate is submitted within 30 days following your due date.

How long does Ohio Biennial Report processing take?

Ohio Biennial Reports and/or Certificates of Continued Existence will be processed in 3-7 business days. Need expedited service? Add an additional $100 (2 business days), $200 (1 business day), or $300 (4-hour processing).

Who can file an Ohio Biennial Report?

If you are filing for a nonprofit, your Ohio Certificate of Continued Existence must be signed by a director, officer, or three members in good standing. If you are filing for a professional association, your biennial report must be signed by an officer of the association. LLPs must include the signature of at least one partner OR an authorized representative.

Do Ohio Biennial Reports need original signatures?

No, Ohio Biennial Reports and Certificates of Continued Existence can be filed with electronic signatures and/or copies of original documents.

Where can I get more information about Ohio Biennial Report filing?

Physical address:
22 North Fourth Street
Columbus, OH 43215
T: (614) 466-3910

Ohio Secretary of State – Regular processing
Business Services Division
PO Box 788
Columbus, OH 43216

Expedite Filing:
PO Box 1390
Columbus, OH 43216

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