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How to resign as the registered agent in Colorado

Colorado Department of State Registered Agent Resignation Form and Filing Instructions

How to resign as registered agent in Colorado:

To resign as registered agent in Colorado, you must submit the Statement of Change Regarding Resignation or Other Termination of Registered Agent to the Secretary of State via the online link found below. You select “Changes” and then click on “Search for your record to file online.” Next you enter your business name and your record with the Colorado Secretary of State will be shown. Once you confirm that you are authorized to make changes to the record, the page will display a list of actions that you may file online. Select the Statement of Change Regarding Resignation, fill in the required fields and click “Submit.” After you furnish your online payment information, you are finished filing your resignation.

If a new registered agent is not chosen within 30 days from the date of resignation, the business will be designated as “Noncompliant” and 30 days later, “Delinquent” by the Colorado Secretary of State. Prior to 2005, failure to file a periodic report or maintain a registered agent resulted in administrative dissolution. Now those failures result in the entity’s status being changed to “Delinquent.”

Do you have to notify the Colorado entity you’re serving as registered agent for before you resign or after?

No. Notify the Colorado corporation immediately after filing the resignation.
Colorado will also send a notice by email with the date that the business’s 30-day grace period will expire, and if the business does not have a new registered agent on file with Colorado at that time, their status will be changed to “Noncompliant.”

Is there a fee to resign as the Colorado registered agent for a corporation, LLC, or other business entity?

There is a $10 fee to process a resignation of Colorado registered agent.

How long will it take the state to process the Colorado resignation of registered agent filing?

Online filing is processed immediately.

How long do you still have to serve as the registered agent after the filing? How long will you have to legally accept service of process after you’ve resigned as agent?

Colorado Code states that a statement of resignation takes effect on the 31st day after the date that the statement is filed or upon the appointment of a new registered agent for the represented entity.

A company, whose status is designated as delinquent, does not terminate the authority of its registered agent, unless a Statement of Change Regarding Resignation of Registered Agent form is filed.

What Colorado agency do you have to resign with?

Colorado Secretary of State
1700 Broadway, STE 200
Denver, CO 80290
Phone:  (303) 894-2200 & press 2
Fax:  (303) 869-4864

Colorado Secretary of State Website for online filings: