Registered Agent, our last name

Our registered agent service is the most comprehensive in the industry. Often copied, imitated, but never replicated. We are the only national registered agent that locally scans everything we get into your online account immediately. We are also technically speaking the only registered agent service that isn’t annoying:

Registered Agent Service: 

Business Formation Services

Our incorporation service includes drafting and filing Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation, filing with the state, initial resolutions, an LLC operating agreement or corporate bylaws, membership certificates or stock certificates, an online account, and the state filing fees.

Incorporation Service

Non Profit Services

Non Profit Registrations. Charity Registrations. Low Profit LLCs. Benefit Corporations. Everything you need to know about starting a nonprofit.

Non Profits

Register to do Business in Another State

We will obtain the necessary paperwork from your home state of formation and handle all the paperwork to register your business with the Secretary of State. Order 1 state or nationwide coverage.

Foreign Qualification

Doing Business in America

Our incorporation service for non-U.S. residents needing to form a corporation or LLC in the United States. Doing business in America is complicated and we make it easy from providing an address, a US phone number, mail forwarding, a business office, forming your US company and helping you maintain it.

Non US Resident Incorporation Service

IRS Business Registrations

Federal Tax ID Number

We will obtain a federal tax ID number, employer tax id number, or employer identification number. We can have your business be treated as an S Corporation, C Corporation, or Disregarded Entity.

Change of Registered Agent

Changing your registered agent to Northwest is a simple, streamlined process. We will make the proper change of agent form available to you immediately, pre-populated with our information.

Motor Carrier Blanket Process Agent

For motor carriers, we provide BOC-3 blanket process agent service for statutory coverage in every state in America. If you are a truck driver, cab driver, motor tour service, or any kind of motor carrier involved in interstate commerce, you need a blanket process agent.

Affiliate Program

We provide the most comprehensive national registered agent service available. We take you referring your clients to us seriously. We don’t do any type of weird billing. We don’t send people to collections. We are the fastest registered agent by locally scanning all documents we receive into your client’s online account. We purposely make our client web tools slightly generic, so that it will look as an extension of your website. If you would really like, we’ll have our programmers help you with some of your website needs to make our two companies work better together.

S Corporation Election


Asset Protection

$275 to form a New Mexico LLC. We will form an LLC in New Mexico to provide asset protection. Total package includes state fees, custom drafted articles of organization and operating agreement, initial resolution and 1 year of registered agent service.

Ask A Business Question

We can offer our opinion about your situation. Maybe you need our paralegals to research a specific problem or need you may have.

Annual Report Compliance

When you sign up for our registered agent service, you also get our comprehensive annual report compliance tools. You won’t forget to file your annual report with the state because we keep track of it for you. We even send you email reminders to file your report so you can stay in good standing with the state.

Corporate Book and Seal

Corporation kits, LLC kits. Free shipping.

Customized Operating Agreement

Completed, prepared and customized operating agreement.

Customized Corporation By-Laws

Completed, prepared and customized by-laws.

Dept. of Revenue and Tax Registration

$125 plus government fees, if there are any.

Business License Registration

License registration, preparation of documents on the state and local level.

Apostille and Overnight UPS Shipping


Certified copy of filing

We will obtain certified copies from the Secretary of State for you.

Certificate of Good Standing

We will obtain a certificate of good standing from the Secretary of State for you.

 Mail Forwarding

Idaho and Washington mail forwarding service.

Virtual Office

Idaho virtual office services.

Nominee Service

We list ourselves as your president, secretary, and director while you maintain your vice president role on your corporation bylaws, which aren’t filed with the state. These fees are just for listing our names on the Secretary of State’s official paperwork. We will also act as your registered agent.