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Getting Maine State Tax ID Numbers

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Q: I am looking for state EIN numbers for Maine to pay employees. How do I get those employer numbers?

Thank you to a client from Maine for that great question! In Maine, you will need to register with the Maine Revenue Services to get your Withholding Account Number (also known as a state EIN or employer account number) and with the Maine Department of Labor to get the tax ID numbers you’ll need to pay employees. We break the whole process down below.

What is a Maine Withholding Account Number?

A Maine Withholding Account Number is the number assigned to your business by the Maine Revenue Service so you may withhold taxes when paying your employees. All new businesses who plan on hiring Maine employees (not independent contractors) must register with the Maine Department of Revenue to receive their number. You will need to have obtained a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN or EIN).

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Do I need a Withholding Account Number?

Yes. If you have Maine employees or plan to hire them, you will need to get a Maine Withholding Account Number to ensure your company pays the state’s income tax withholding and other employer taxes.

How do I get a Maine Withholding Account Number?

You may apply for your Maine Withholding Account Number online through the Maine Revenue Services Tax Portal. There is also a physical Registration Application you can submit by mail, email, or fax.

Taxpayer Assistance
P.O. Box 1057
Augusta, ME

[email protected]

(207) 287-6975

What is a Maine Unemployment Insurance Account Number?

Your Maine Unemployment Insurance Account Number is the number you register for with the Maine Department of Labor Bureau of Unemployment Compensation to pay the correct unemployment taxes to the state. Registering your business at the state level is necessary for filing state wage reports, as well as paying your payroll taxes, which includes unemployment insurance.

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Do I need a UI Account Number?

Yes. You need a UI (or unemployment insurance) Account Number if you have employees. You’ll also use this number and account to determine your unemployment contribution rate. Together with your Maine Withholding Account Number, your UI Account Number makes up the employer state tax IDs you’ll need to legally pay employees and taxes.

How do I get a Maine UI Account Number?

To get your Maine Unemployment Insurance Account Number, you’ll need to register online with the Department of Labor, using the ReEmployMe Portal.

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