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Maine Department Of Revenue, Maine Tax

Maine Business Corporate Tax, Maine Personal Income Tax, Maine Sales Tax Rates

What are the Maine corporate net income tax rates?

0-25,000 3.5%
25,000-75,000 7.93%
75,000-250,000 8.33%
250,000 + 8.93%

What are the Maine personal net income tax rates?

0-5,050 2%
5,050-10,050 4.5%
10,050-20,150 7%
20,150 + 8.5%

What is the average Maine sales tax rate?


Are there standard deductions?

Single:  $5,450
Joint:  $9,100

Are there personal exemptions?

Single:  $2,850
Dependents:  $2,850

What forms do you file for your Maine taxes?

Maine corporations: Form 1120ME
S corporations: Form ME 1120S
Partnerships: Form ME 1065
Individual: Form 1040ME

To learn more about nonprofit filings, see our Maine nonprofit corporation page.

Estimated tax payments?

Form 1120ES to file at least 90% of the previous years’ tax if over $1000. Maine follows the IRS standards for estimated payments. If you will owe $1000 or more in tax for the current year, you are required to make 90% of the tax due, over quarterly payments. It has to be at least 100% of the previous year, even if you think you won’t make as much in the current year.

Maine Department of Revenue:

Maine Department of Revenue
24 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0024
Telephone: 207-624-9595
Fax: 207-287-6627
Website:  Maine Department of Revenue

If you use Northwest Registered Agent as your Maine LLC or corporation, receive notification reminders to file your annual reports on time, annual tax reminders, and new State information reminders. All for a low annual flat rate fee of $125 a year. We also help incorporate new Maine businesses for only $100.

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