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New York TF Numbers, Explained


If you’ve formed a new company with the New York Department of State, you may have been issued an ID number preceded by the letters “TF.” Here’s what to know:

What is a TF number?

A TF number is an ID number assigned by the New York State Tax Department to companies that don’t have an EIN. As soon as a new company is formed, the New York State Department will notify the New York State Tax Department, which will then send the newly formed company form CT-198: Corporation Tax Account Information.

If you receive form CT-198, you should review your company’s information and update any inaccuracies, or missing information. If your company is only shown to have a TF number, for example, you should update form CT-198 with your EIN number.

Is a TF number the same as an EIN?

No. A TF number is a temporary ID number issued by the New York State Tax Department. EINs (employer identification numbers) are issued by the IRS, and are federally regulated. Most companies are required to have an EIN. Once your company has one, you will have to update your records with the NYS Tax Department.

For more on EINs, see Northwest’s page on how to Get Your Federal Employer Identification Number.

How do I report my new EIN?

If you obtain an EIN from the IRS after forming your company with the NY Department of State, you can update your information with the state by entering your EIN into CT-198, then replying to the letter as directed. You may also call the NY Department of Taxation and Finance to report any updates to your records: (518) 485-2639.

Alternatively, you can file a business tax account update (DTF-95) with the NY Department of Taxation and Finance.

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