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How to Get a Business License in Utah

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Utah doesn’t have a general state business license, but if your business has a physical presence in the state, you’ll need a Utah Sales Tax License. You might also need a local business license, and some industries require specialized licenses as well. We’ll explain the types of licenses and permits your business may need when setting up shop in Utah.

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Utah Statewide Business Licenses

The most common statewide license in Utah is the state sales tax license, sometimes called a seller’s permit. Businesses in Utah need to obtain this license so that they can collect sales and use tax from customers. Additionally, many regulated professions—from cheese-making to physical therapy—need a specialized license from the Division of Professional Licensing.

Who needs a Utah Sales Tax License?

According to the Utah State Tax Commission, businesses that sell tangible property, services, or products transferred electronically to Utah customers need to obtain a sales tax license and collect sales and use tax.

How do I get a Utah Sales Tax License?

You can get a sales tax license online by creating a tax account with the Taxpayer Access Point (TAP) or by printing and mailing the Utah State Business and Tax Registration form to the Tax Commission. Getting a sales tax license in Utah is free.

Local Business Licenses in Utah

Many cities and counties in Utah require a local business license. This includes bigger cities like Salt Lake City and Ogden as well as small towns like Bluffdale and Ivins. In most places, you can apply for a local license online or in person at your local business licensing office. You might need other local licenses and permits as well, such as a home occupation license, building permit, or permit from your local health department.

How much does a local business license in Utah cost?

The fee for a local business license varies by jurisdiction. For example, a Salt Lake City Business License application costs $100. You may need to pay additional fees for things like employee background checks and safety inspections.

Federal Business Licenses

In addition to state and local licenses, a few industries also require federal licensing from the government agency. These industries include agriculture, alcohol sales, firearms, television and radio broadcasting, and transportation, among others. Federal licenses are issued by the government agency that regulates the industry. For example, the transportation industry is licensed by the US Department of Transportation.

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