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Washington Department Of Revenue, Washington Tax

Washington Business Corporate Tax, Washington Personal Income Tax, Washington Sales Tax Rates

What is the Washington corporate net income tax rate?

Washington charges a gross income tax of 1.8% on your revenue after your first $35,000 of gross receipts. Washington calls this a business and occupations tax, or better known in the state as a B & O tax. This is tracked by your Washington state UBI number (Unified Business Identifier number).

There are basically no deductions. Washington state will deduct the money you made in another state and paid taxes for there, which can make it a very attractive state to own a national company in.

What is the Washington personal net income tax rate?

There is no personal income tax in Washington State.

What is the average Washington sales tax rate?

8.78%. The state has a 6.5% tax, but the average local tax is 2.28% making a total of 8.78%.

Are there standard deductions?

Single: n/a. No tax return to file personally.
Joint: n/a.

Are there personal exemptions?

Single: no
Dependents: no

What forms do you file for your Washington taxes?

S corporations, Corporations, LLCs, Nonprofits Partnerships: All Business entities, even sole proprietorships file the B & O and Excise tax.

Individual: no form

Estimated tax payments?

There’s no personal tax returns to file. There are a couple options for paying your B & O tax. We recommend filing online to get your small business tax or any other credits applied automatically. If you have $70,000 to $320,000 of gross income, you’ll need to file quarterly. If you have over $320,000 in gross income, you’ll have to file monthly.
Yearly filers (Under $70,000 in revenue) file every January 31st.

What about annual reports in Washington?

See our page on Washington annual reports.

Washington Department of Revenue:

Washington Department of Revenue
P.O. Box 47478
Olympia , WA 98504-7478
Telephone: 800-647-7706
Website:  Washington State Department of Revenue

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