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Obtaining a Seller’s Permit in Wyoming


After forming a business in Wyoming, you’ll probably be required to register it with the Wyoming Department of Revenue. Here’s what to know:

What is a Wyoming Seller’s Permit?

“Seller’s permit” is a general term for the registration required to sell goods in a particular region. In Wyoming, a seller’s permit is called a Sales/Use Tax License.

Do I need to apply for WY’s Sales/Use Tax License?

You’ll need to apply for Wyoming’s Sales/Use Tax License if you sell products or services, or lease tangible property in Wyoming. (This is also known has having nexus, and it applies to both domestic and foreign companies doing business in Wyoming.) As a vendor in the state of Wyoming, you are responsible for collecting sales tax, and submitting sales/use tax returns to the state. In this sense, getting your sales/tax license is a way of registering your business with the Wyoming Department of Revenue.

For more information about Wyoming sales/use tax, check out the Wyoming Vendor Manual. Or, for questions specific to your business, you might want to reach out to a business attorney or CPA.

What does it mean to have nexus in Wyoming?

In the business world, having “nexus” means that some aspect of your business is tied to a particular place—in this case, Wyoming. Wyoming defines “nexus” as:

  • Having an office, distribution house, sales house, warehouse or any place of business in WY
  • Employing someone who solicits sales or advertising in WY
  • Keeping inventory or equipment in WY
  • Leasing equipment in WY
  • Making deliveries in WY using a company vehicle

If any of the above applies to your company, it means you’re doing business in Wyoming and most likely need to apply for a sales/use tax license.

How do I apply for Wyoming’s Sales/Use Tax License?

To apply for a Wyoming Sales/Use Tax License, you’ll need to submit a Sales/Use Tax License Application to the Wyoming Department of Revenue and pay the associated $60 fee. You may submit your application online, using the Wyoming Internet Filing System. Or, you can mail your application to:

Wyoming Department of Revenue

122 W 25th St Ste E301

Herschler Building East

Cheyenne WY 82002-0110

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