How to use a waiver of notice for special board of directors meeting

A director on the Board of Directors of a corporation may have a serious problem that needs to be addressed. It could range from calling out another director for fraud or a simple company problem that requires a big chuck of the corporations money to be spent to fix.

For big decisions a board of directors always hold a meeting. Sometimes these meetings need to be made without notice. In a perfect world a director would give the other directors a week or two notice that he/she would like to hold a special board of directors meeting. In the real world this rarely happens.

It is very important if you as a director call a meeting, that you have gotten all the needed signatures from the other directors to cover yourself should another director cry foul someday. In a special director meeting. Having the directors sign the minutes of the meeting is one way of documenting the boards decisions, but another crucial document is a waiver of notice if notice was not given. This is also protection for you as a director that if you feel pushed and rushed into making a decision, you wouldn’t want to sign a waiver of notice of special meeting for the board of directors.

Download: Waiver of Notice of Special Meeting for the Board of Directors

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