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Waiver of Notice for Special Board of Directors Meeting Template

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how to use a waiver of notice for special board of directors meeting

A director on the Board of Directors of a corporation may have a serious problem that needs to be addressed. It could range from calling out another director for fraud or a simple company problem that requires a big chunk of the corporation’s money to be spent to fix.

For big decisions a board of directors always hold a meeting. Sometimes these meetings need to be made without notice. In a perfect world a director would give the other directors a week or two notice that he/she would like to hold a special board of directors meeting. In the real world this rarely happens.

It is very important if you as a director call a meeting, that you have gotten all the needed signatures from the other directors to cover yourself should another director cry foul someday. Having the directors sign the minutes of the meeting is one way of documenting the board’s decisions, but another crucial document is a waiver of notice if notice was not given. This is also protection for you as a director that if you feel pushed and rushed into making a decision, you wouldn’t want to sign a waiver of notice of special meeting for the board of directors.


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