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Dominos makes new pizza but won’t Deliver?

Dominos makes new artisan pizza but won’t Deliver?

I want to start off by saying i LOVE the new advertising campaign that Dominos Pizza has been doing.  The whole thing of coming out and showing clips of people bashing on the pizza is absolutely brilliant.  I bought from them, just because of the story.  Who doesn’t love an old school company accepting the fact that their product isn’t good anymore and embracing change.

These Dominos people must be pretty smart.  The pizza trend for the last 5 years has been artisan and wood fired pizza.  But obviously no big pizza chain would think about putting wood ovens in all their restaurants.  So Dominos comes out with a crossover type pizza that kind of tastes like it came from a wood oven.

Someone at Dominos drastically missed the boat here though.  They are offering these at $7.99.  Good price point… It’s a small pizza and I don’t really see it bringing more than that… BUT Dominos requires you to spend 12 bucks to get a delivery.  Now THAT goes against their whole marketing campaign of listening and understanding the customer and changing the way their operate.

I would understand that you have to draw the line somewhere on delivering something and how much of an order needs to be placed.  But if you’re going to make such a groundbreaking move in an industry that’s been pretty well burned out on pizza options… You should really put all your power behind it and temporarily lower your delivery expectations to get these things in peoples hands.

It would kind of be like us offering registered agent service in every state but Rhode Island and Connecticut because we have decided the insane taxes there are just too much.  It wouldn’t work for a lot of our clients.

So much to think about right?  Hard to hit a home run every time Dominos!!  Great idea… Just bad delivery…. Or in this case… no delivery at all.


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