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Dumbest Things Government Agencies Do

Worst Examples of Bad Government Bureaucracy:

In our business, we deal with red tape.  It’s sad, but often the only thing you can really do is laugh at how stupid the things are that our government makes us do.   On every level.  Federal, State, County, and City.   

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to endure the silence and utter shock on the other end of the phone after I explain what a client will actually have to do to legally do business in every state.  Many of them decide not to expand.  It just takes too much effort, too much money, and ultimately too much government bureaucracy.

So a daily conversation in our office goes like: “Man, you won’t believe what so and so agency is making this poor business do now.”

We shake our heads and struggle through it with our clients.

So this new section of our blog is dedicated to stupid government procedures.  The only thing we can do is laugh about how silly our situations are.  If you have bad experiences, please submit them here.  We’ll do the research for you and post on what we find for you.

I’m actually curious to see a running tally of which state has the most amount of dumb things they make you do.  I think we will start an annual award for the worst state to do business in.  I’m sure there are other awards on magazines about this… But ours will be user based.  Only real experiences of total crap in our government.

Looking forward to the results!


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