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google reconsideration actually works! for google places

I got this email this week, to my utter shock and amazement that google reconsideration actually works for google local and google places.

We submitted this request for reconsideration to be back on google local maps and google local places about 3 years ago.  We had 18 awesome reviews at a couple of our locations.  Unfortunately, our competitors started getting listed on google places by putting keywords into their “Business names,” and then wabammm, someone must have submitted a spam report on us or them and Google thought we were associated with them or something, and we were tanked.  No where to be found on google maps.   Which sucked because we weren’t violating the terms.  We had our real legal name, our real office, our real phone number, we were 110% legit.  AND we had a TON of awesome reviews.

I had actually forgotten about google local and google places because it’s been so long, but this goes to show that even if it’s years, there actually are people working at google maps to follow through with reconsideration requests.  I noticed that we started showing up again for google maps, but our reviews are all gone.  Super bummer to lose all those.  I was very mad at google when they dropped us for that.  Happy today that they put us back up, and will be more happy if our reviews somehow get put back up, but I’m not crossing my fingers.

The point of this post is to not lose hope on google.  They actually will look at your reconsideration request… even if it’s years later.


Here’s the email that they sent us:



Thank you for requesting a review of your rejected
listing(s). Upon further review, we’ve found that your listing(s) complies with
our Google Places quality guidelines. Your listing is now active and eligible
to show for searches on Google.

Please note that it may take several weeks before your
listings appears in searches as we update our index. You can track the current
status of your account on your account dashboard.



The Google Places Team


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