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Google’s New “Get a Quote” Button Aims to Help Businesses Attract More Customers

Google recently unveiled a new call to action with their “Get a Quote” button. Google’s “Get a Quote” is available for companies with listings on Google My Business (GMB). This call to action seems to be tailored for internet marketing companies, home repair businesses, lawn and landscaping companies, and other service oriented businesses that can offer customized quotes for their labor.

Customers interested in a service can now click on “Get a Quote” and message the business directly. There is no need to click on a company’s website and no need to search for contact information. Google’s goal, or so it appears, is to make the customer-to-company communication easier by streamlining engagement opportunities while keeping the customer nestled comfortably in Google’s ecosystem.

How Google’s “Get a Quote” Button Can Benefit Businesses

The “Get a Quote” button offers a potential upside for business owners because it gives visitors another avenue to engage with businesses. More interaction directly through the GMB portal could lead to greater sales for the business without the customer ever having to visit a company’s website. Google brings the business right to the consumer, and as customers connect with a business through the use of the “Get a Quote” button, they could be more likely to look at a business’s other services and products.

According to BrightLocal, a typical business receives 59 actions from their GMB listing each month. Google defines an action as a website click, phone call, or direction request from users. This translates to 5% of GMB listing views resulting in some sort of action (with roughly 56% of those users visiting websites, 24% making calls, and 20% requesting directions). Google’s “Get a Quote” feature promises to help businesses streamline customer engagement through GMB listings even more, and with easier communication between business and consumer, the expectation is that individual sales could increase.

How to Get Your “Get a Quote” Button

Businesses that have opted into the Google My Business messaging feature will eventually have the “Get a Quote” button added automatically to their listing. If you are a business owner and want to take advantage of this new feature in order to better communicate with potential customers, in other words, you’ll need to enable the GMB messaging feature or the “Get a Quote” button will not appear.

Your listing may not update right away, as Google is apparently slowly rolling it out nationwide, so it may take a while to show up as a call to action for your business. When the feature is turned on, businesses can receive, view and respond to the messages right from Google My Business.

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