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Stereotyping AOL Email Users

Stereotyping people by the type of email client they use. Today I’d like to talk about AOL email users. In... View Article

2012 Presidential Election Candidates

2012 Presidential election candidates And why nothing will change. It seems to me like most Americans want some stability in... View Article

Loves vs Flying J Gas in Post Falls Idaho

Loves vs. Flying J Gas in Post Falls Idaho We get a lot of Spokane Washington drivers making the 20... View Article

why doesnt anyone want to WIN the Presidency

Why doesn’t anyone want to win the Presidency in 2012? Who on earth is running these campaigns? Tiger Woods, Snooky,... View Article

maybe Spokane is bad for business

Maybe Spokane is bad for business? We recently relocated our main offices from Coeur d Alene, Idaho to Spokane Washington. ... View Article

Union vs. non-union contractors in Spokane

I recently did a remodel at our office here, without hiring a general contractor.  Meaning, I dealt with all the... View Article

Come on Ross Miller, Think about it!

Come on Ross Miller, the Nevada Secretary of State, Think about it! Ross, I have a great idea for you. ... View Article

IRS does the stupid thing again

I just saw a news report that the federal amnesty program for tax cheats ended last week.  It says that... View Article

Why do coffee shops serve bad coffee?

Coffee and the customer experience… I am consistently baffled when I get a bad cup of coffee at a coffee... View Article

Ughhh. We’re finally committing to Social Media.

+1 For Social Media We have resisted social media for a long time. I thought just providing better online tools,... View Article