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Why New Mexico Corporations Commission takes so long

So for about a year the New Mexico Corporations Commission has totally sucked at doing filings.  It’s so weird.  It’s almost so weird that it doesn’t make sense.

At first the excuse was that they were updating their internal systems and websites.  Then the excuse was that they were moving office locations.  Then it was that all the staff quit.

When you call them you’re lucky if they pick up the phone, and now when you call them, they just say “Hello.”  They don’t even answer the phone with a title…

Look, I understand New Mexico has made a special effort to not complicate things, keep things simpler, and the general idea in NM is that less regulation is better.  I actually appreciate that approach.  But there comes a point where maybe someone should step in and raise the bar a little.

picture of letter to northwest registered agent, llcThis filed paperwork came back to us today and it’s so funny that we had to post it.  I mean, the state agency doesn’t even have labels or a system to print out a completed filing with the return address?  I’m sure the entire staff at the NM Corporations Commission would be happy to have a little more structure to their day at this point.

Well, here’s the envelope.  I think this explains why it’s hit or miss whether NM will process your filing, and then if you’ll get it back.







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