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What Does the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Mean for Your New Nonprofit?

If you’re planning to start a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity in 2019, now is the time to examine the potential impact... View Article

Guest Worker Laws: What Every Employer Should Know

Considering hiring guest workers to fill temporary or seasonal positions in your company? Navigating the complex rules and regulations for... View Article

Delaware DOUBLES the Research and Development Tax Credit for Small Businesses

Delaware recently introduced legislation that will increase the research and development tax credit for small businesses by 50%. Here's what you need to know about this new bill and how it could affect your small business, even if you're not in Delaware.
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Business Owners Take Note: Delaware Has Raised Taxes for Certain Business Types!

If you own a business in Delaware, your taxes are about to go up in the next year. Are you ready?
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Happy Volunteer Appreciation Day! What to Know Before Using Volunteers for Your Nonprofit

Do you operate a nonprofit organization in the United States? There are many resources and a lot of information available through the federal government, and there are some rules and regulations you should be aware of as well. Here's a few things to think about before bringing on volunteers to your nonprofit organization.
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‘Tis the Season: Annual Reports are Due Soon for Many States

The annual reports are due for many states once springtime rolls around. Do you know which forms to file, and where? Read on to find out.
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Know Your Charity: Do Research Before Donating

When disaster strikes, there can be a surge of opportunities in which to donate. While you may feel a sense of urgency to donate as quickly as possible, ensure that your money is going to a worthwhile, legitimate nonprofit organization, and you are not being had by a scammer.
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New Industry, New Scams: Watch Out for False Stock Options

The state of Utah is considering the legalization of medical marijuana in their state. When new industry arises, so does the potential for scams. Here is what to do if someone tries to scam you into buying stock in false medical marijuana companies.
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Spokane Gives: City of Spokane Creates Great Resource for Nonprofits

If you have ever been interested in starting a nonprofit, or have already started one, there is a new resource for finding help when on a budget. The city of Spokane, Washington has implemented a website which pairs volunteers and nonprofits together. Has your city tried something like this?
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Washington Considers Community Service Option for Unemployed

What if you were required to do community service in order to receive your unemployment benefits? Two bills have recently been proposed in Washington State to enact measures that initially required unemployed workers to do two hours of community service per week, but now the bill has been amended to offer community service as an alternative for other job-seeking activities.