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The Rise of the Nonprofit

The nonprofit business entity is on the rise...so is it right for you and your business? There are some questions you should consider before forming your business as a nonprofit.

The Benefit of Social Benefit Corporations

The rise of the social benefit corporation as a legal business entity is raising new questions, concerns, and advantages for entrepreneurs as well as customers. Read on to learn more about this burgeoning new form that the traditional corporation is starting to take.

What Happens if an Audit Finds Financial Inaccuracies in my Nonprofit?

If financial inaccuracies are revealed within your nonprofit corporation during an audit, what should you do? While it may seem scary, it is not necessarily the end of the world. To avoid financial inaccuracies, read on.

Registered Agent Service for “The Frozen Ground” Movie

Here at Northwest Registered Agent we have finally dipped our toes into the acting pool with a credit in a... View Article

Kansas, the next tax haven?

Can downsizing state government and lowering tax rates lure new companies, ignite new businesses and draw new residents, in that... View Article

Wyoming Secretary of State will email filed documents to you!

I saw an email from the WY SOS a couple days ago that was actual filed articles of incorporation as... View Article
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Why New Mexico Corporations Commission takes so long

So for about a year the New Mexico Corporations Commission has totally sucked at doing filings.  It’s so weird.  It’s... View Article
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New York Department of State Denies Filings to keep expedite fees?

To the left is a PDF file of a rejection letter a client got from the New York Department of... View Article

Our New Google Plus Business Page

It’s official, when it comes to a Google Plus business page – we are the: First Registered Agent on Google+... View Article