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Our Favorite Dad Jokes for Father’s Day

Red haired man standing at a BBQ grill holding a spatula, with an apron that says, "Hi, I'm Dad."

For Father’s Day, you can get your dad steaks for the grill, a book for his library, or perhaps the greatest gift of all: letting him tell you his favorite dad jokes. The dad joke economy has never been hotter, so we asked our Northwest Corporate Guides for some of their favorites. Our Corporate Guides stay busy helping customers start and maintain small businesses, but there’s always time for dad jokes.

Note: Some of these jokes may need to be read aloud to reach Maximum Dad Joke effectiveness.

10 Dad Jokes for Father’s Day

1. What do you call rabbits moving backwards? A receding hare line.

2. When does a regular joke become a dad joke? When it becomes apparent.

3. My geography teacher asked if I could name a country with no “r” in it. I said, “No way.”

4. Why did the storm trooper buy the iPhone? Because he couldn’t find the droid he was looking for.

5. I was so unpopular in school they called me “Batteries.” I was never included in anything.

6. Never challenge death to a pillow fight unless you’re prepared for the reaper cushions.

7. Did you hear about the guy who stole all the toilets from the police station? Authorities have opened up a tip line for leads, because right now, they have nothing to go on.

8. A colorblind friend told me all apples are yellow. I said, “That’s bananas.”

9. What is propaganda? It’s when a British person takes a good look at something.

10. A priest, a pastor, and a rabbit all go to the blood bank. The nurse asks, “What is your blood type?” The priest says, “I’m Type A.” The pastor says, “I’m Type B.” The rabbit says, “I’m pretty sure I’m a Type O.”

Our Northwest Corporate Guides

We could score those dad jokes for corniness – maybe on a scale of one to five corn cobs – but we won’t. Neither do we score our Corporate Guides on the number of upsells they make. No, our guides are just here to help you make the best possible decisions for your business.

Northwest Corporate Guides are real people, not computers. When you call our number, you get a real person right away. We don’t make you go down a phone tree, then reward you with a real person after you’ve been on hold for half an hour. We know that business owners are busy people, so we don’t make you jump through hoops to reach us.

What does it mean to be a Corporate Guide service? It means that we answer emails within a few hours, not a few days. It means no scripts and no quotas. We’re happy to answer follow-up questions because we’re not obsessed with getting our call times down. It means that our guides are business experts with backgrounds in law, finance, education, and entrepreneurship, who know the nuts and bolts of dealing with state bureaucracy in every US jurisdiction.

Need to know how to change your LLC name in Hawaii? Our Corporate Guides can tell you. Want to move your business to a new state? We can help with that. Need help reinstating your business after it’s been dissolved? We’ve got your back.

About the only question our Corporate Guides can’t answer is “How do I make my dad stop telling dad jokes?” That’s impossible.

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