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How To Reinstate A South Dakota Corporation


Reinstate Or Revive A South Dakota Corporation:

To reinstate your corporation in South Dakota, you submit the completed Application for Reinstatement Domestic Business Corporation form in duplicate, with the filing fee by mail or in person to the South Dakota Secretary of State. You also must attach a certificate from the South Dakota Department of Revenue stating that all taxes owed by the corporation have been paid. Even though South Dakota has no corporate tax, you must have a tax license because every service in the state must charge a sales tax.

How much will it cost to revive a South Dakota Corporation?

The filing fee for application for reinstatement is $300.

How long does it take the state to process the filing?

After the application arrives at the South Dakota Secretary of State’s Office, all documents are processed in approximately two business days. You may pay an additional $50 for same day expedited processing. The Department of Revenue will take at least a week or two to deliver your letter that certifies that you are in compliance with South Dakota tax laws.

How do I get a certificate from the South Dakota Department of Revenue?

The department has one office dedicated to clearing domestic corporations for reinstatement. The direct line to that office is (605) 773-4701. They can check your compliance against your tax license number.

How long does your South Dakota Corporation have to be inactive with the state before you wouldn’t have any fees, and would just have to start over with a new South Dakota Corporation?

South Dakota Corporation that has been administratively dissolved may be reinstated at any time. If you are inactive for several years, you will have to pay the $50 annual fee for each year plus the application for reinstatement fee. However, if you are inactive by a voluntary dissolution, you cannot reinstate a business. You have no choice but to start over as a new corporation. You always have the option of starting over as a new corporation in South Dakota if you decide that will work better for you.

Can you change your South Dakota registered agent at the same time on the South Dakota reinstatement?

No, you cannot change your South Dakota registered agent on a reinstatement. Become reinstated, and then file a statement changing registered agent. The application for reinstatement only deals with the circumstance of your administrative dissolution.

Can you change your principal address at the same time on the South Dakota reinstatement form?


Can you change your officers and directors at the same time on the South Dakota reinstatement form?


How many annual reports can you miss before you can’t revive your South Dakota Corporation?

A South Dakota Corporation that has been administratively dissolved or voluntarily dissolved may reinstate at any time by curing the grounds of dissolution and paying the application for reinstatement fee, if in compliance with the Department of Revenue. If you filed Articles of Dissolution, you must file the application for reinstatement with the tax certificate with back annual reports and fees.

South Dakota Department of Revenue, Business Tax Division:

445 East Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501
Phone #:  (605) 773-3311
Fax #:  (605) 773-6729
Email – bustax@state.sd.us
Web – http://www.state.sd.us/drr2/businesstax/bustax.htm

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