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Free First LLC Meeting Minutes Template

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Sample minutes of first meeting for an LLC

When forming an LLC with the State, a lot of people would say you are supposed to hold a first meeting, and record the minutes of the LLC meeting. Otherwise known as an organizational meeting of members of the LLC. We provide a free sample LLC minutes template here to memorialize your minutes of first meeting for your LLC.

For single member LLCs, you’re basically regurgitating the same things in your single member LLC operating agreement. This is basically going to be a waste of your time. But it makes people feel good to over-document everything, so go for it if you want to. Most States have laws that say something like: If you don’t follow any internal formalities of the LLC, the default rules will apply and you will NOT lose your corporate veil you are trying to keep. As you’ll see on the initial LLC minutes meeting template below, you are basically just re-wording everything you’ve already put into writing in the articles of organization and operating agreement. When we form LLCs for $100 we specifically include the additional language this organizational LLC meeting minutes may cover in your drafted articles of organization and operating agreement. For 100 bucks, it may be worth your time to have us form the company for you.


Download Minutes of First LLC Meeting

For multiple member LLCs, the LLC meeting to hold the initial LLC minutes may be worth your time to over document your agreement amongst the members. But again, you’ve already covered all this in your articles of organization and operating agreement.

One could say that over-documenting an agreement is never a bad thing. Because things are all great for you and your LLC now, but when the crap hits the fan, that’s when things get ugly and people quickly interpret verbal communications and agreements differently.

If you have not established an LLC operating agreement, please take the time to use one of our free LLC agreements.

We do registered agent for your LLC, we’d love to help you. You can sign up for immediate service above.

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