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Waiver Of Notice For First Board of Directors Meeting

A waiver of notice for a first board of directors meeting is often used to expedite the process of starting a corporation. Corporate meetings typically require a set amount of notice before taking place (commonly 10 days). However, if all the directors are ready to get started, it’s silly to wait days or weeks. Instead, directors can sign a waiver of notice and hold their first meeting right away. We provide a free waiver of notice template for your corporation’s first director meeting.


First Directors Meeting – Free Waiver Of Notice Template

Our free waiver of notice template for the first board of directors meeting—and all of our website’s content—is intended for individual use. For your first board of directors meeting, we also have a free template for meeting minutes:

Why would I need a waiver of notice for the first board of directors meeting?

When starting your new corporation, there’s a good chance you won’t have time (or won’t want to take time) to go through the official hoops of properly notifying all directors of your intent to hold a meeting. Before holding a meeting, the director typically gives the other directors at least a week’s notice—sometimes a month or more, depending on bylaws and state requirements. If you’re ready to launch your business, however, you don’t want to wait on corporate formalities just to have a meeting.

In this situation, you can opt to have all the directors sign a waiver of notice. A waiver of notice basically confirms that all directors are okay with not having the usual notice of a meeting. If you have the meeting anyway and don’t bother to get a waiver of notice, directors could come back later and say they didn’t have proper time to review documents and make decisions—and the last thing you want is your key business decisions to be challenged or invalidated.

What should a meeting waiver of notice include?

Our template for a first board of directors meeting waiver of notice includes the following essential information:

  • Your corporation’s name

  • Date, time and location of first meeting

  • Statement waiving notice

  • Statement consenting and agreeing to business transacted at the meeting

  • Statement that business transacted has the same force and effect as if there had been notice

  • Director names and signatures

  • Dates of all signatures

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Does Northwest have any other corporate forms?

We do! We have templates for bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and more.

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