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How to File a Colorado LLC Amendment

To amend your Articles of Organization for a Colorado LLC, you must file an Articles of Amendment form with the Colorado Department of State. You must also include a $25 filing fee. This page provides free instructions for how to amend your Colorado LLC articles.

Amend Articles of Organization for a Colorado LLC

Over time, you may need to update the information provided on your initial Articles of Organization. You can use the Colorado Articles of Amendment to change your entity name, but you’ll need different forms to update other information.

When should I file the Colorado Articles of Amendment?

A Colorado LLC files the Articles of Amendment to update the entity’s name.

However, you can’t change your Colorado registered agent or principal business address by filing an amendment. To change your registered agent, you can submit a Statement of Change Changing the Registered Agent Information. To change your business address, you can file a Statement of Change Changing the Principal Office Address.

Both forms require a $10 filing fee. You may also update this information when filing your annual Colorado Periodic Report ($10.) Although this is the most cost effective method, the state only allows periodic reports to be filed two months prior to their due date. If you need to update your registered agent and/or business address before this, you’ll need to submit the appropriate statement of change form.

What do I include in the Colorado Articles of Amendment?

You must include the following information when filing the Colorado Articles of Amendment:

  • Amendments: Enter your new entity name along with any other necessary amendments. Also include the date each change became effective.
  • Filer’s information: Type the full name and address of the person submitting the amendment.
  • Fees: Include a payment of $25.

Your entity’s current name, ID number, and jurisdiction will be pre-filled using the information on file with the Colorado Secretary of State.

How do I file the Colorado Articles of Amendment?

The Colorado Articles of Amendment can only be submitted online. First, go to the Colorado online filing system and enter your LLC’s name in the search box. Select your entity from the search results and confirm you are authorized to make changes. Then click “Amend Articles of Organization for an LLC” under the list of available forms. Complete the amendment and pay the $25 filing fee.

How much does a Colorado LLC Amendment cost?

Amending articles costs $25. There is no option for expedited processing.

How long does it take to process the Colorado Articles of Amendment?

Because Articles of Amendment in Colorado are submitted online, your amendment will be processed immediately.

Can I restate the initial articles instead of filing Colorado Articles of Amendment?

No, you can’t restate your initial articles instead of filing an amendment. However, you can restate and amend your articles at the same time by filing the Amended and Restated Articles of Organization form. There is a $25 filing fee.

Where do I file a Colorado LLC amendment?

Articles of Amendment are filed online through Colorado’s Secretary of State website.

1700 Broadway, Suite 200
Denver, Colorado 80290
T: 303-894-2200

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