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Nebraska LLC Cost

The initial cost to start a Nebraska LLC is $100 to file your Certificate of Organization with the Nebraska Secretary of State. You’ll also have to pay newspaper notice fees to complete your publication requirement. Once you’ve formed your LLC, you’ll also have to pay $28 to file your biennial report online. Nebraska also charges fees for trade names or reserving your business name if you’re not ready to file. Continue reading to find the full breakdown of costs to start a Nebraska LLC.

What You'll Find In This Article:

  1. Nebraska LLC Formation Fee
  2. Nebraska Biennial Report Fee
  3. Nebraska Registered Agent Fee
  4. Nebraska LLC Publication Fees
  5. Nebraska State Business License Fee
  6. Nebraska Professional Licensing Fees
  7. Local Business License Fees in Nebraska
  8. Optional LLC Fees in Nebraska
  9. Business Insurance Premiums
  10. Cost to Register a Foreign LLC in Nebraska
A blue card reading “Cost to Start an LLC in Nebraska” and showing the $100 state filing fee and the $28 biennial report fee next to a white shape of the state.

Nebraska LLC Formation Filing Fee: $100

To file your Nebraska Certificate of Organization with the Secretary of State, you’ll pay $100 to file online, or, for $110, you can file in-office. It typically takes the state 10 days to process your paperwork after they receive it. Nebraska also allows for the formation of Series LLCs, which consist of a “parent” LLC and a group of “child” LLCs. You can file a Protected Series Designation to set up a Nebraska Series LLC and pay $110 for every child LLC formed under your parent LLC.

Nebraska Biennial Report Fee: $28

You must file a Nebraska biennial report every odd numbered year for your LLC by April 1st and pay the $28 online filing fee ($30 if submitted using a paper form). For example, if you formed your LLC in 2022, you’ll file your biennial report by April 1st, 2025. Though this isn’t an immediate fee, you’ll want to factor in your biennial report fee into the cost of running your Nebraska LLC.

Find out how to file your Nebraska Biennial Report.

Nebraska Registered Agent Fee

Hiring a Nebraska registered agent varies in fees depending on what service you choose. However, Northwest’s fee for registered agent service is $125 per year and never goes up. A registered agent accepts legal notices for your business. You can hire or appoint a person or company to be your Nebraska registered agent. You’ll have to designate a registered agent on your Certificate of Organization.

Nebraska LLC Publication Fees

The fee for Nebraska LLC publication requirement ranges from $40 to $250 depending on what publication you use. The fee to file your affidavit of publication with the Secretary of State is $25. After you’ve filed your Certificate of Organization with the state, you’re required to publish an announcement or notice in a legal newspaper for three weeks. The newspaper you publish with will give you an Affidavit of Publication you’ll need to submit to the Nebraska Secretary of State.

Check out our guide to the Nebraska Publication Requirement.

Nebraska State Business License Fee

There is no state-wide business license in Nebraska for LLCs, but professionals  and businesses in certain industries and trades, like electricians and restaurants, will need to get licensed by their local governments. While most LLCs won’t need a state-level license, businesses like collection and debt management agencies will need to get licensed from the Nebraska licensing board regulating their industry. For example, debt management agencies need to file a Debt Management License Application with the state and pay $200 for the initial fee and another $200 for an investigation fee.

Nebraska Professional Licensing Fees

The fee for your Nebraska professional license is determined by your industry and the board regulating it. Professionals like nurses, physical therapists, and veterinarians need to get professional licenses to legally operate in Nebraska. For example, nurse practitioners are licensed and regulated by the Department of Health and Human Services/Division of Public Health/Licensure Unit and must obtain multiple licenses, degrees, and experience hours.

Check Nebraska’s list of all professions requiring specialized licensing for applications and fees.

Local Business License Fees in Nebraska

Each jurisdiction in Nebraska has its own licensing procedures, requirements, and fees. For example, in Omaha, professionals working in the electrical trade must apply through the City of Omaha for their licenses and pay fees ranging from $10 to $90. To see if your Nebraska LLC needs a local license, contact your county clerk’s office.

Optional LLC Fees in Nebraska

While all those costs we’ve covered are your initial fees, you might end up having to pay out for other business expenses, like:

Name Reservation

It costs $30 to reserve an LLC name in Nebraska. You’ll file an Application for Reservation of Limited Liability Company Name with the Nebraska Secretary of State to reserve your name for 120 days. Only LLC names that are available can be reserved, so do a name availability look-up using the Nebraska Corporate and Business Search.

Trade Name

In Nebraska, filing for a trade name (DBA or “doing business as”) costs $100 if you file online, or $110 for in-office filing. You’ll submit an Application for Registration of Trade Name with the Nebraska Secretary of State. A DBA or trade name is used for legally doing business under a name other than the name you put on your formation paperwork.

Nebraska requires all LLCs to publish a notice of their trade name in a newspaper where their business is located. Once you’ve published your trade name, you’ll receive an Affidavit of Publication that you must file within 45 days of registering your trade name. Nebraska has no filing fee for your Affidavit of Publication, but you will have to pay the newspaper’s fees for running a notice.

Certified Copies of Business Documents

Certified copies of your Nebraska LLC’s Certificate Of Organization cost $10, plus $1 per page. Nebraska does not offer expedited service, but the state typically processes orders within 4 days of receipt. Certified copies are often kept on file internally for providing copies to third-parties like lawyers, banks, and investors.

How to get Nebraska Certificate of Organization certified copies.

Nebraska Certificate of Good Standing

It costs $10 to get your Nebraska LLC’s Certificate of Good Standing, and you may order them by mail, phone, in-person, or online. There is no expedited service available, but processing typically takes 3-8 days after the state receives your order. A Certificate of Good Standing helps you prove your LLC’s compliance with state LLC laws, annual reports, and taxes.

Here’s how to get a Nebraska Certificate of Good Standing.

Business Insurance Premiums

Nebraska legally requires most LLCs to have workers’ compensation insurance that costs employers between $1.09 and $100 per payroll period. The Nebraska Department of Insurance offers employers a state issued workers’ compensation and liability insurance plan. You also have the option of buying insurance from a private insurer. What you end up paying will vary based on the elections you choose and other factors like risk of injury involved in work or location of business. Beyond liability and workers’ compensation insurance, you can purchase more specialized insurance, like cyber and home-based business insurance.

Learn more about LLC Business Insurance.

How much does it cost to register a foreign LLC in Nebraska?

It costs $100 to register your foreign LLC in Nebraska—$110 if you file in-office. You file an Application for Certificate of Authority Foreign Limited Liability Company with the Nebraska Secretary of State. If you’ve formed your LLC in another state and wish to open up a location in Nebraska or do business within the state, you’ll need to foreign register your LLC. You will also need to apply for any local-level licenses if you open up a location in the state.