LLCs are governed by New Mexico Code – Chapter 53, Article 19 Limited Liability Companies.

New Mexico LLCs

The New Mexico LLC is one of our favorite LLCs. A New Mexico LLC has great asset protection laws that govern it, protecting the LLC from the members.

The details of a New Mexico LLC for asset protection:

  • New Mexico only charges $50 to form a New Mexico LLC. Very reasonable.
  • New Mexico currently does not have annual reports for New Mexico LLCs.
  • New Mexico LLC formations are simple and require little information on the Articles of Organization. New Mexico LLCs are under the New Mexico Code, Chapter 53, Article 19, Limited Liability Companies. It states that you must have a business name with an LLC ending, an organizer (Which doesn’t have to be you), New Mexico Registered Agent, a principal office, the duration of the LLC.

We encourage you to read through our entire page if you’re thinking about an asset protection LLC in New Mexico.

New Mexico LLC Advantages

New Mexico LLCs offer distinct benefits:

  • One-time filings
    You only need to form the LLC in New Mexico. There is no other maintenance or licenses to file after you complete the Articles of Organization. New Mexico LLCs do not have annual reports.
  • Inexpensive
    Unlike other states with high formation and annual report fees, New Mexico LLCs only cost $50 to form, and there are no annual business entity fees.
  • Simplicity
    Of all the state LLCs to choose, New Mexico LLCs are by far the easiest to maintain. No annual reports and simple Articles of Organization requirements. New Mexico LLCs make starting and maintaining a business a simple, one-time task.
  • Asset Protection
    New Mexico has some of the best limited liability coverage for an LLC (explained in depth below), especially when it comes to protecting LLCs from other members.

When we form New Mexico LLCs, we include:

  • Custom drafted articles of organization specific to creating a New Mexico LLC
  • We sign as the organizer
  • 1 year registered agent service from us, not a random name listed as your agent
  • Initial resolutions
  • A New Mexico LLC operating agreement customized for asset protection
  • The $50 New Mexico State filing fees
  • We only charge $100 for our services. Your total package is $275 and we get New Mexico LLCs filed within 3 days.