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Louisiana Charity Registration


What is considered a charitable organization in the state of Louisiana?

A charitable organization is an organization who considers themselves a benevolent, civic, recreational, educational, voluntary, health, law enforcement, social service, philanthropic, fraternal, humane, patriotic, or otherwise charitable organization. According to Louisiana law, charitable organizations that enlist a professional solicitor are required to register annually with the attorney general’s office. Also, all charitable organizations need to register with the Louisiana secretary of state as a non-profit organization.

How do I register my non-profit as a charity with the Louisiana attorney general?

The attorney general has a checklist available on their website. The checklist asks for these things:

  1. A Check made payable to The Louisiana Department of Justice for $25
  2. A unified Registration Statement
  3. A Copy of your non-profit’s Articles of incorporation
  4. A copy of your non-profit’s bylaws
  5. A Copy of IRS 501c(3), which is your tax exempt determination letter from the IRS
  6. A copy of your most recent Form 990
  7. Copies of all contracts with professional solicitors
  8. A list of any other states in which your non-profit organization is registered to do business

You’re asked to return the checklist, along with the Unified Registration Statement (URS) to the Public Protection Division.

Will I need to renew my Louisiana charity registration yearly?

Yes. Just use the same form, but check the “Renewal/Update” box instead of “Initial registration.” With you renewal form include: a $25 check made out to The Louisiana Department of Justice, a copy of your most recent Form 990, copies of all contracts you might have with professional solicitors, and a list of other states you’ve registered your Louisiana non-profit to do business in, if applicable.

Louisiana Non-profit and Charity Resources:

Send your URS and annual renewals to:

Public Protection Division
1885 N. 3rd Street, 4th Floor
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

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