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New York Office Of Children And Family Services Approval


When is approval needed from NYS Office of Children and Family Services?

If your non profit organization has a stated purpose of benefiting institutions for delinquent, abandoned, or neglected children, or shelters for victims of domestic violence, you must first get consent from OCFS.

How do you apply for the consent?

The NYS OCFS has an application for approval with detailed instructions. You can find it in your online account if you hire ‘Northwest’ as your New York registered agent.

What is the NYS Office of Children and Family Services looking for regarding consent?

  • Documentation that there is a public need for your proposed non profit.
  • A summary of proposed activities, including a mission statement, description of staff and the children being served.
  • They need the original certificate of incorporation plus two copies.
  • Although NYS not for profit laws only require three initial directors, OCFS wants a minimum of seven.
  • The certificate must include a clause that limits the initial duration of the corporation to five years.
  • The NYS OCFS application for approval even includes a sample certificate of incorporation in the format preferred by their office.

Where do I send the approval application?

NYS Office of Children and Family Services
52 Washington Street
Rensselaer, NY 12144-2796

Phone:  (518) 474-3333 or, (518) 486-7078
Fax:  (518) 486-7625

Other non profit purposes and matching consent agency:

Trade Association – NYS Attorney General – §404(a)
Cemetery Association – NYS Department of State, Cemetery Board – §404(e)
Young Men’s Christian Association – National Chairman of the YMCA – §404(h)
An organization for the prevention of cruelty to animals – American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – §404(g)

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