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Get a 2nd phone number with all the essentials—no business required.

You know what’s comforting? Not having to share your primary number with anyone who doesn’t need it. Northwest Phone Service makes it easy to choose privacy—giving you an independent second line that works with your existing devices, plus unlimited talk, text, voicemail and call forwarding, for just $9 a month.

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Why Use a Second Phone Number?

Most of us are accustomed to giving out our personal phone numbers without a second thought. We use them for store member discounts, online shopping, identity verification, and our businesses. But your primary number is more than a way to contact you. In the wrong hands, it’s a key to all the sensitive information you store on your mobile device, from your banking password to your home address.

To limit your exposure to identity theft, phone scams and marketing calls, you’ll need to take steps to protect your cellphone number—like only sharing it with people you trust. This is where a second phone number comes in handy.

If you need a separate phone line (and really—we all do), sign up for a free 60-day trial of our monthly, contract-free Phone Service. Or to learn more about second phone numbers, how they work, and why people use them, keep reading.

3 Things You Should Know About Second Phone Lines

Unless you’re a masochist who enjoys keeping track of two different cell phones, you’ll be happy to know that having a second number has gotten a lot simpler. Thanks to the internet—and a technology called VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)—you can now add a cloud-based local number to your existing phone, cloaking your personal digits. Here are 3 quick facts about the phone lines of the future.

They’re powered by the internet.

VoIP numbers don’t rely on SIM cards, telephone cables, or even a specific phone to operate—any mobile device, laptop, or desktop will do. What’s essential is an internet connection, whether you’re at home or out for the day. To make the most of your second phone line (and the unlimited calls and texts that come with it) you’ll need reliable in-home internet and a good data plan on your cell—or at least the address of a cafe with wifi and free refills.

They have real phone functions (plus some high-tech extras).

You probably can’t take pictures or listen to rain sounds with your second phone line. But in most other ways, your second number should function like your first one. With the help of a desktop browser or mobile app, you’ll be able to call or text any other number, check your messages, record a voicemail greeting, manage your contacts and more. The best VoIP providers (like Northwest!) include all these fundamentals, plus advanced features like Visual Voicemail.

They’re affordable—but the best ones aren’t free.

The disposable phone number accounts out there? They charge extra for basic features like voicemail—and make it impossible to get in touch if things go wrong. Your VoIP number shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, but if you want a well-rounded suite of features, a user-friendly experience and reliable service, you should budget around $10—$15 per phone line.

Did we mention that Northwest Phone Service is just $9 a month? You get a full-featured local phone line (with hundreds of area codes to choose from), and support is just a phone call away.


What Can You Do With Northwest Phone Service?

Quite a lot. We designed our Phone Service with a focus on privacy and convenience—including features like desktop and mobile apps so you can switch easily between devices, optional call forwarding (it’s there if you need it) and lots of room to customize. Here’s a closer look at what you can do with your second line.

Get Instant Privacy Protection.

There are so many interactions that require a phone number—but sharing your contact information shouldn’t be the default. Northwest Phone Service gives you an instantly-usable local number that works with all your preferred devices, so you can start safeguarding your privacy right away.

Talk Until Your Throat Hurts.

Ok, you probably don’t plan to spend every waking hour on your second phone line. You could if you wanted, though. Our cloud-based service gives you unlimited talk, text, voicemail and call forwarding for $9 flat.

Take Your Number Anywhere.

Forget your phone sometimes? Us too. Luckily, your second phone number works on any internet-connected device—including your nice coworker’s computer. There’s zero set-up required: just sign into your client account from anywhere, and start using the features.

Personalize to Your Heart’s Content.

Switch between your desktop portal and the Corporate Phone® mobile app as needed. Add your name to your outbound Caller ID, record a personalized voicemail greeting, and choose from a number of in-browser ringtones. Make it yours.


Northwest Phone Service FAQs

Can I add a second phone number to my existing cell phone?

Yes—Northwest Phone Service gives you a second phone number you can put to use on your existing iOS or Android smartphone (you’ll access it through Corporate Phone®, our user-friendly mobile app).

Do I have to buy a SIM card?

Nope! There’s no need to purchase a second cell phone or an additional SIM card. For a flat rate of $9 a month, our Phone Service gives you a private, full-featured phone line you can access from any device.

Do I need an internet connection to make calls?

Yes, but not to receive them.

If you know you’ll be in an area with spotty internet, you can forward incoming calls directly to your cell phone number (or even a landline).

Our Phone Service includes unlimited call forwarding to any U.S. number, so you’ll never miss a call—even if you can’t access the internet.

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