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Puerto Rico Annual Report

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Puerto Rico Annual Report For Businesses:
Information & Instructions

Every business entity type registered to do business in Puerto Rico, foreigns and domestics, must complete an annual report and submit it online to the Puerto Rico Department of State. This page describes costs, filing procedures, due dates, and late fees pertaining to Puerto Rico annual reports. To learn more, keep reading.

When are Puerto Rico annual reports dues?

Corporations, LLCs and Nonprofits must file annual reports by April 15 each year.

LLPs must file an annual renewal at least 60 days before their formation anniversary date.

How much does the Puerto Rico annual report cost to file?

Each business formed or authorized to do business in Puerto Rico must pay a $150 annual report fee each year.  LLPs must pay an annual renewal fee of $110.

The cost of the Puerto Rico annual report does not vary by entity type. The fee is a fixed, flat-rate regardless of whether the business is for profit or nonprofit.

The only variance is in the name, requirements and due dates. (Puerto Rico LLC annual reports, for foreigns and domestics, are called annual dues. Additionally, LLCs do not require a financial statement, which makes Puerto Rico LLCs much easier and less intensive to maintain.)

How do you file Puerto Rico annual reports?

All Puerto Rico annual reports are file online on the Department of State’s website.

Puerto Rico corporation annual report requirements:

Whether your corporation doing business in Puerto Rico is foreign or domestic, you must include the following with your annual report:

  1. A finanical statement prepared by a CPA in Puerto Rico, who is neither an employee or shareholder of the corporation. The statement must show the financial condition of the corporation at year’s end.
    • A for profit corporation that does more than $3 million of revenue in a year must have its financial statement audited by a CPA in Puerto Rico.
  2. A list of names and mailing addresses of two officers of the corporation, including the person who signs the report.

In addition, corporations doing business in Puerto Rico must keep somewhere in Puerto Rico books, documents and records that:

  • Clearly establish the amount of gross income and deductions, credits and other details concerning the operations inside and outside of Puerto Rico, which must appear on Puerto Rico income tax returns
  • Clearly show the amount of its investments inside and outside of Puerto Rico including, property owned by the corporation and the amount of the capital invested in doing business inside and outside Puerto Rico.

When you hire Northwest as your Puerto Rico registered agent for $125/year, we not only provide a physical address for your corporation in Puerto Rico, we also provide a consult with a CPA who can handle your financial statement needs and help you meet your record keeping requirements.

Puerto Rico LLC annual dues requirements:

Puerto Rico LLCs need only confirm some basic company information and pay the $150 annual dues. The Puerto Rico Department of State accepts online filings for Puerto Rico LLC annual dues.

What are Puerto Rico annual report late fees?

If an LLC pays its annual dues later than the 15th of April, it will incur a $500 late fee plus 1.5% interest per month.

A corporation that does not file for an extension or pay its annual report fee by the 15th of April must pay a $750 late fee.

A nonprofit that does not file for an extension or pay its annual report fee by the 15th of April must pay a $75 late fee.

Any business entity that has not paid its annual fees or dues after an extended pehttps://prcorpfiling.f1hst.comriod of time may also be administratively dissolved.

Puerto Rico Annual Report Resources:

Puerto Rico Department of State
171 Carlos F. Chardón Avenue, 3rd Floor
Hato Rey, Puerto Rico 00919
Tel. (787) 722-2121 ext. 4402
Email: support@estado.pr.gov
Website: https://prcorpfiling.f1hst.com

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