Registered Agent Service in South Carolina

What is a South Carolina registered agent?

A South Carolina registered agent is willing to accept legal documents on behalf of a company that has designated it as their SC registered agent.

Why do I need a South Carolina registered agent?

  • To become a legitimate, registered South Carolina business, the state requires that you appoint a registered agent in South Carolina.
  • The South Carolina Secretary of State will reject your filing if you don’t appoint a South Carolina registered agent.
  • The reason for this requirement is that the state and the public need a way to legally serve your business in South Carolina.

How do I find a South Carolina company’s registered agent?

You can do a South Carolina business name search on the state’s website to find any company’s registered agent of record.

  • Type in the company name you are trying to look up.
  • Look at the SC registered agent name and registered office street address.

If you want to legally notify a SC business through their registered agent service, just send a certified letter directly to their registered agent name and registered office address.

How do I change my South Carolina registered agent?

It costs $10 to change your registered agent in South Carolina and can be done at any time. If you would like to switch to Northwest registered agent, we will prepare the filing and file for you. The SC resident agent change form is in your online account instantly.

How do you get my documents to me?

As your registered agent, we instantly upload all items received locally into your online account for no additional fee. We track and remind you to file your annual reports. You have an extensive online tool section for running a business in South Carolina, and we’re always here if you have any questions about doing business in South Carolina.

For a better understanding of how our whole process works, take a look at our registered agent infographic.

Info your SC registered agent should help you know and understand:

  • Domestic corporations need to have a South Carolina licensed attorney’s sign the filing. We can have our South Carolina attorney sign your filing for $150. This does not constitute any legal advice or a relationship with our attorney, but this is way cheaper than you will find anywhere else. It will take about 1-3 days to get the signed filing back to you. Domestic corporations cost $135 to file with the South Carolina Secretary of State.
  • Domestic South Carolina LLCs do not need an attorney signature and cost $110, but they do need a registered agent’s name and address in South Carolina.
  • Foreign corporations cost $135 total to file.
  • Foreign LLCs cost $110.

To incorporate in South Carolina, there are a few things you should understand. There is a spot on the filings where your registered agent can sign, accepting the consent to serve as your SC registered agent. You can leave this blank. If you do sign it, it needs to be an original inked signature. The forms to file are pre-populated correctly in your online account instantly. All business entities are required to keep and maintain a SC registered agent. The filings need an original inked signature. Most filings should be mailed into the state.

There are detailed filing instructions for the South Carolina Secretary of State in your online account. You’ll have what you need literally less than 10 minutes after you sign up.

Foreign entities need a certificate of status or existence from their home state of incorporation dated within 30 days.

What makes Northwest different from other registered agent websites?

  • Big Data. We have all heard the horror stories of stolen identities and harassing phone solicitations. We don’t save your credit card info. We don’t sell your data. So you can be sure your data is safe with us.
  • This is serious! Your South Carolina registered agent service is responsible for receiving service of process on your behalf and forwarding it to you. You have to really trust us because it only takes one failure in service to cause major legal problems. We earn our clients’ trust every day when we locally scan everything into their online account in real time. We maintain our own commercial offices in each state, and when you hire us for South Carolina registered agent service, we’ll scan everything from our office in Charleston, South Carolina. We do more than just forward notices or email you. Our notification system is designed to make sure you actually see your documents.
  • Privacy. When you make a purchase on this website, you’re actually hiring Northwest Registered Agent. We don’t share your information with any other registered agent service. We take our responsibility to you seriously. When someone contacts us trying to find out who owns your company or other sensitive information, our specially trained staff knows how to respond. We value your privacy. We even have data security professionals who test our systems so you can be confident your information is safe with us.
  • Collections. Read the fine print. We get new South Carolina registered agent clients all the time who are fed up with their current registered agent’s billing policies. Our philosophy is that if you don’t want to pay us, don’t. We will terminate our service and that’s it! We never send our clients to collections. Our trademarked slogan is “We’re Just Not Annoying.” It’s our entire company policy.
  • We obviously think pretty highly of ourselves, but this is all we do. Registered agent service is not a way for us to make some extra money. It is not a small part of some massive corporate beast. We don’t think of clients as dividend payment to our owners. We excel at providing registered agent services because it is our main focus, priority, and passion.

Why your life will be better if you hire us:

We absolutely understand that the registered agent requirement seems like nothing more than a hassle. But it really does serve a purpose and if you sign up for Northwest Registered Agent Service, you’ll get more than just a bare bones website that forwards you a document every once in a while.

  • Filing on your own can be hard. Some people have no problem, but most people get at least mildly annoyed trying to navigate the state bureaucracy. But we do this every day, so we have all the South Carolina filing instructions, tips, order sheets, and forms you may need all conveniently located in your online account.
  • Call us! We are happy to walk you thought the South Carolina filing process. We have a staff just waiting to help you with any questions you may have. These are not salespeople, they are not reading from a script. They are just here to make things easier for you.
  • This is just the beginning. There are no annual reports due for the South Carolina Secretary of State, just for the Dept. of Revenue. South Carolina corporations must submit an initial revenue annual report at the time of initial filing. That is why corporations cost $135 instead of $110 for South Carolina LLCs. Your revenue report will be due the 15th day of the 3rd month after your fiscal year end, or March 15th for most normal businesses. You will also have to pay 5% of your net income with the $25 filing fee. South Carolina LLCs do not file revenue annual reports. You can always see upcoming report dates for every state you have with us. We remind you based off of your real corporate data, as South Carolina sees it. We have the most sophisticated business compliance system in our industry. We do all the work, so you not only get a reminder to file, but also access to forms and instructions that make filing easy.
  • Free tools. As soon as you sign up for registered agent service, you will have access to a variety of tools in your online account. We provide access to all the South Carolina forms all in one place. Just enter your business data once and we populate the forms for you. This includes annual meeting, amendment, and new state registration forms.