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Start a Business in Minnesota

Corporate Compliance by Local Corporate Guides®

Starting a business in Minnesota can and should be easier than you think. You file simple forms with the secretary of state, and your business is formed! Obviously there’s a few more things than that, but if you’d like to start your own business yourself, you will find it easy to hire us as your registered agent and you’ll find all the forms you could file to start a business in Minnesota, along with great filing instructions on the quickest and cheapest ways to start your business in Minnesota.

Corporate Guides

Our Corporate Guides® are Minnesota incorporation experts. We will provide you:

  • Filed Minnesota Articles
  • Minnesota Corporate Bylaws
  • MN shareholder resolutions
  • MN corporate stock certificates

Here For Your

We provide extra privacy for you with our address. You get ongoing support:

  • We’ll be your registered agent
  • MN corporate renewal reminders
  • Online corporate tools
  • Talk to a Corporate Guide® anytime

Start Your Minnesota Business

$225 + State Fees
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How to Start a Business in Minnesota


You file Articles of Incorporation for a Minnesota corporation or Articles of Organization for a Minnesota LLC with the MN Secretary of State.

Federal Tax ID

You obtain a federal tax ID number (FEIN or EIN) with the IRS after you have confirmation and filed articles from the State of Minnesota showing your approved Minnesota business.

Bank Account

Opening a business banking account under your new Minnesota business name should be easy with these two items.

Department of Revenue

If you’re going to have employees or need to withhold sales tax, you will probably need to register with the MN Department of Revenue and the MN Department of Employment and Economic Development. We provide all these links in your online account.

Trade License

If your business trade requires a license, you’ll have to apply for a license with the Minnesota licensing board. (Most businesses don’t.) But if you do, these quick links and contact details are in your online account.

Local License

Some local cities or counties have a general license, but most don’t.
You obtain a local trade license if the city or county you’re going to be working in requires it.


If you’re going to have an office or shop you might need an approval from the city zoning for your type of business in that location.

Get Going

If you get overwhelmed, just get your business pulling in money and worry about regulations later.

Are You A Do-It-Yourselfer?
You Can Save Some Money:

If you want to start a business in Minnesota yourself, you can just hire us as your Minnesota registered agent, and you’ll instantly have the Minnesota LLC or corporation forms to file along with filing instructions on the quickest, cheapest, and most efficient way to incorporate a Minnesota corporation or form a Minnesota LLC. You’ll get the ongoing support of our online tools, reminders and the support of a professional Minnesota registered agent service.


If you want a corporation, you file Minnesota Articles of Incorporation:

The Minnesota Articles of Incorporation cost $160 with the Minnesota Secretary of State.

We custom draft your Minnesota Articles of Incorporation when you hire Northwest to start your Minnesota business. The basic requirements of Minnesota corporations are:

  • An incorporating Minnesota ending such as Inc, corporation, or incorporated.
  • An amount of Minnesota corporation shares you would like to authorize.
  • The name, address, and signature of the Minnesota incorporator(s).
  • The registered agent of the proposed Minnesota corporation.
  • A contact name, phone number, and email address.

Minnesota does not require original signatures on new MN corporation filings. The stamped form will be mailed to the address on the check.

Start Your Minnesota Business!

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If you want a LLC, you file Minnesota Articles of Organization:

To form a Minnesota LLC, you file Minnesota Articles of Organization. The basic requirements of Minnesota LLC filings are:

  • The business name must have a limited liability company ending or variation of it.
  • New Minnesota LLC’s name must be different than already registered Minnesota companies.
  • Duration of the Minnesota LLC is perpetual unless you state a term of years.
  • The Minnesota registered agent and the physical address.
  • The name, address, and signature of the organizer.
  • You need to include a contact name, phone number, and email address.
  • Name, address and phone number of the person that prepared the form.

Minnesota does not require original signatures on new MN LLC filings. A certificate is mailed to the address on your check after the state approves your filing.

Corporate Compliance
by Local Corporate Guides®