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How to Form an Anonymous LLC


“Anonymous LLC” isn’t its own business entity, but for many business owners privacy is a top priority. Here’s what you need to know about anonymous LLCs:

What is an anonymous LLC?

An “anonymous LLC” is simply a regular limited liability company in which the owner is able to maintain personal privacy protections. Owners (aka members) are restricted by the laws in their state, and some states offer better privacy protections than others. These states are often referred to as “anonymous LLC states.”

Which states have anonymous LLCs?

The four states most often referred to as “anonymous LLC states” are Delaware, Nevada, New Mexico and Wyoming. These states (with the exception of New Mexico) offer what’s called nominee service, which allows LLCs to put the name of a public representative on its formation documents in lieu of an owner. Delaware, New Mexico and Wyoming also don’t require ownership information on public documents.

You can check out more at Northwest’s Best State for Anonymous LLCs page.

How do I create an anonymous LLC?

You can create an anonymous LLC by selecting a state with strong privacy protections, then going through the regular process of forming an LLC in that state. Just note that when you file your formation papers with the state, they become part of the public record and are thus made available to the public. So best not include your name or address in your articles of organization, unless the state requires it. (And if you want to maintain privacy, file in a state that doesn’t require it!)

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