Registered Agent Service in Wisconsin

What is a Wisconsin registered agent?

A registered agent in Wisconsin is the same as a registered agent in any other state. Although sometimes referred to by different names — statutory agent, resident agent, agent for service of process — Wisconsin registered agents accept official mail (annual report forms, tax forms, etc.) and service of process on your business’ behalf. When forming a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) in Wisconsin (or in any other state for that matter) you’ll need to appoint a registered agent on your formation documents. Wisconsin’s business act requires all business entities formed in or authorized to do business in the state to appoint a Wisconsin registered agent.

What does a registered agent do?

When you appoint a registered agent for your LLC or corporation, you are giving that person or business the responsibility to accept official mail and service of process on your business’ behalf. Once your agent accepts your mail, it is their responsibility to deliver it to you, the business owner. Registered agents are required for businesses in all 50 states. The reasoning for their existence is the idea that these agents serve as a link in the chain of due process. If your business is sued, before the lawsuit can move forward in court, your business must be officially notified. Registered agents serve as a reliable point of contact, so business owners can’t hide from lawsuits and businesses can’t be sued or dissolved without the business first being notified.