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Name your price for registered agent service
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Registered Agent Services is a professional legal service that we provide. We recognize that there are websites out there that offer registered agent services cheaper initially. We charge a flat rate price and you never incur additional fees. Many of the websites you’ll find online have an initial cheaper price than $125 a year, but you end up paying more than our flat rate price over the course of a year.

Regardless, these websites get people interested and its human nature to hope you don’t get charged more throughout the year. Sometimes people ask us to price match these websites even though the services aren’t comparable because we only charge one fee once a year while others charge extra fees for things like receiving documents for you or sending you a bill for their services.

What’s the process?

  • Sign up below, name the price you would like to pay.
  • If your offer amount is sufficient we will accept your offer within a half hour, email you confirmation of acceptance and a link to log into your online account where you’ll have everything you need from us instantly.


  • If your offer is too low, we’ll respond with a counter offer when we have time. If we don’t respond quick enough, you can always start over and submit a higher offer or sign up on the regular signup form for instant service.

From the first national registered agent to provide monthly registered agent service options to being the first registered agent to provide a name your price feature, Northwest Registered Agent LLC is always pushing to stay at the front of the registered agent industry and provide you creative ways to run your business and hopefully make the registered agent needs of your business be the easiest, and least painful part of registering your business.

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