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Facebook is no longer relevant to service businesses

So when does a trend become a thing of the past?  When will Facebook become the has-been that MySpace now is?  The answer:  When Tic Tacs start asking you to like them on top of the Tic Tac lids.

So I have to assume the days of Facebook are very numbered.  Yes I get it for restaurants and bars, but for service industries?  It’s just coming to an end.  For small ticket items like Tic Tacs?  YES, it has to be over soon!!  When everyone is using something everywhere, and trying SO hard, the next thing is just around the corner.

So what’s next?  Google Plus, many would say… But I think we’ve already missed the boat of Google Plus.  Google+ is trying to play catch up with Twitter and Facebook, and people who focus on catching others, never create the next new thing.  All Google+ is doing is basically destroying social media as we know it and completely destroying Twitter and Facebook.  G+ just added one more thing in the mix of this social mess and basically turned social accounts into what happened to instant messaging accounts when there became so many choices that you just kind of gave up on all of it.
What is next?  I sure don’t know, but I would bet it’s not Google Plus or any new social oriented website.  Something new has to be coming.  Google is too manipulated.  The big guys with the money win on Google.  There’s no way for Google to create an algorithm that won’t be manipulated, and because of that at some point, people will get sick of getting bad, manipulated search results on Google.  I think it will be something taking us back to the roots of marketing.  I think we are all becoming so cluttered with all these web things and distractions that the time is right for something basic, simple, and almost old school.  Could you imagine if yellow pages weren’t full of ads and just showed us real results?  Ones that couldn’t be manipulated by your competitors?  I can never find what I want on Google anymore.  Google is spending too much time making money with phones, online ads, and trying to catch Twitter and Facebook that it just doesn’t do what its core function is very well anymore.  I searched for Nikon Digital Cameras a couple days ago, and there were TWO organic results. 90% OF THE PAGE WAS GOOGLE ADS.  Now why on earth would I go back to Google to look for Nikon Cameras if it’s that hard to find non-paid results.

Back to social: I laugh at these registered agents that are just now figuring out they need to be on social media.  You needed to be on social media 3 years ago!!!!  The return on your time investment is just not there anymore.  These guys go out and they just blast the crap out of a new twitter account and Facebook account with all these spammy keywords and then they wonder why after 6 months they have 20 followers and likes.  I think they actually think that if they use the keyword “registered agent” every day in a tweet that they will actually get registered agent business off of that.  You almost feel bad for them because of how naïve they are.  Then about a year down the road, you notice they haven’t tweeted for 6 months.  We have a new marketing guy, and he got a hold of our Facebook account and he started putting up junk on it.  I mean he was putting up pages about stuff we actually SELL, on Facebook!!  How stupid huh!!  Stuff that actually makes us money!!  Guess what happened…. We lost almost 100 fans a day.  I can’t really be mad at him.  He was going through the textbook to-do list of marketing in 2012 right?  He and many others think they’ll help their company out by talking about what they sell on Facebook.  But, no one wants to read crap about us, how good we are, or useful information on Facebook.  So every time I rant and rant on our blog and Facebook we gain about 20-30 fans.  Now I must rant and rant and really rant to regain the reputation our Facebook page has worked so hard to obtain of completely non-related irrelevant stuff that doesn’t relate to what we do at all… and why?  I sure as heck don’t know why we keep worrying about Facebook.  We missed the social land rush.  We were in the wrong industries. Trying to make sense of social media in late 2012 is like swimming up a river.  So you have to ask yourself what the trend of 2014-2020 will be?  The question is NOT how can you and I make money in social media.  The question is what’s coming after everyone is sick of all these social media options…

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