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Happy Birthday Moose!… Oh, and Thanksgiving

Happy Birthday Moose and Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is always such a fun time of the year anyway, but it is always extra special for us, because it’s our family Moose birthday. Meaning, we don’t know the exact day he was born, but we know that 7 years ago on Thanksgiving for some reason, after reading the papers and finding something called a “Yorki-poo” we were intrigued enough to pile in the car, go to the atm, and check out these little dogs.

Moose wasn’t the first one we looked at. We looked at a smaller brown little gremlin. But after 5 minutes of playing with that one, he didn’t really want anything to do with us. After surveying the other options, a little black fluffy ball jumped out of the red wagon, face planted, and came over to us. I was instantly taken by him.

He was so small he could fit in my coat pocket on the drive home. Everything he did seemed so funny because he was so small. Later that night, luckily Wal-Mart was open and we got some supplies. He puked on my fleece from the motion of the shopping cart. He cried the whole night in his kennel, and the rest is history!

It’s amazing that it’s already been 7 years. It makes me think about how few things we actually do for 7 years. I am thankful for all the moments of joy this little buddy has brought myself and thousands of other people Moose has brought joy to as well. There are too many to count!
-All our family and friends
-All our staff
-All our neighbors
-The visitors to the Coeur d Alene tribe and their attorneys.
-The mail lady that used to bring him treats every day.
-The FedEx or UPS guy slugging through their day and finally cracking a smile when they see him.
-The thousands of people that have seen him on the street and can’t help but smile and laugh at his prance.
-The thousands of drive throughs he has relentlessly given begged for something from.

The list could go on and on and on. So I guess one of the many things I’m thankful for this year is 7 years of joy with our little Mooseman. Happy birthday Moose and here’s to the next great 7 years!!

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