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i give up on a balanced life

2012 The year I gave up on a balanced life   I’ve been a small business owner now since 1998.... View Article

crucify the rich and the small business owners

Crucify the Rich/entrepreneurs, small business owners, and the middle class   It’s always amazing to me how people don’t understand... View Article

Lowes spends over 16 million a year to collect 10 9’s for customer phone numbers

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Lowes and Home Depot lately.  When you check out at Lowes they... View Article

Thinking about leaving the country because taxes are too high?

  Have you ever actually considered moving to another country because your taxes were too high? You’re not alone. Although... View Article

Things You Should Never Say On A Resume

Here are some things that you should never say to me on your resume, cover letter, email, or in person:... View Article

Kansas, the next tax haven?

Can downsizing state government and lowering tax rates lure new companies, ignite new businesses and draw new residents, in that... View Article

We’re just not annoying.

It’s our trademark and for a good reason. We strive to make things as easy as possible. We at Northwest... View Article

Is this email really from the BBB?

Want to know how you can tell if an email is really from the BBB or not? If the BBB... View Article

employees are actually a business owners BOSS

I am not a big fan of cliché sayings like “You’re only as good as your employees” or when businesses... View Article

Facebook is no longer relevant to service businesses

So when does a trend become a thing of the past?  When will Facebook become the has-been that MySpace now... View Article