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California requires VOIP registration now

California requires VOIP phone services to register and be regulated now. We received notice yesterday from the California Public Utilites... View Article

Our New Google Plus Business Page

It’s official, when it comes to a Google Plus business page – we are the: First Registered Agent on Google+... View Article

Is your brand so good it’s a default?

I’m always fascinated with default shopping behaviors.  I default to Walmart for household goods.  Every time I go there, I... View Article

Why is Staples so Annoying

I default to buying at Staples for office supplies when we have to run out to get something. The last... View Article

Dominos makes new pizza but won’t Deliver?

Dominos makes new artisan pizza but won’t Deliver? I want to start off by saying i LOVE the new advertising... View Article

Coeur d Alene seasonal hibernation of businesses is here

The Coeur d Alene seasonal hibernation of our downtown businesses is officially here. Walking downtown this past Sunday it was... View Article

Insanely stupid New York LLC Publication Requirements

As many of our New York LLC clients know, the requirement to publish in a New York newspaper for 6... View Article

What’s it like to lose 800,000 clients in 6 months Netflix?

We’ve all heard the glory stories of raising your prices, losing your worst, cheapest clients because of it, being more... View Article

Stereotyping Gmail email users

Stereotyping Gmail email users. This is a continuation of my previous post stereotyping AOL email users. We typically do pretty... View Article

Occupy Spokane – Occupy Wall Street Movement

Occupy Spokane, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy everything! I decided to go down to the Occupy Spokane rally Friday afternoon to... View Article