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jack hoffman husker touchdown run

Man. What a moment. Jack Hoffman (a 7 year old) getting to run a play on the Husker Red/White game... View Article

Posting my 2012 Tax Return online again – This is what it’s like doing business in the US

Took it down to the wire this year, but did get my 2012 corporate tax return done on time again…... View Article

1 year without email or texting on my cell phone – update

A year ago I took email and texting off of my cell phone to attempt to be a better family... View Article

Answers to your starting a business questions

We answer a ton of questions daily. We get questions from veteran business owners, and people just starting out. We... View Article

No Time Like The Present

Matt Cutts has decided to start his year by taking some time off. Taking time off is a double edge... View Article

I Back Jack Foundation

I was introduced to the I Back Jack Foundation this last week. In the middle of a crazy start to... View Article

i give up on a balanced life

2012 The year I gave up on a balanced life   I’ve been a small business owner now since 1998.... View Article

Lowes spends over 16 million a year to collect 10 9’s for customer phone numbers

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Lowes and Home Depot lately.  When you check out at Lowes they... View Article

Thinking about leaving the country because taxes are too high?

  Have you ever actually considered moving to another country because your taxes were too high? You’re not alone. Although... View Article

Things You Should Never Say On A Resume

Here are some things that you should never say to me on your resume, cover letter, email, or in person:... View Article