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posting my 2011 tax return online again

Thought I’d share my 2011 tax return with everyone again.  Hey got it done 1 day quicker than last year! ... View Article
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Rick Santorum Doesn’t tithe but wants the Christian vote?

So I was watching fox news last night and the guy was interviewing Rick Santorum. They showed that Barack Obama... View Article
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maybe this is why we should NOT store the mentally ill in downtown Spokane

So yesterday the low-income mentally ill storage facility, (The Carlyle at 206 South Post Spokane, WA) a block from our... View Article

Your company is only as good as your current morale

Company morale is something that I’ve always been very interested in.  The overall morale of a company immediately affects a clients... View Article

no more email on my cell phone

This weekend I did something I haven’t done in many years.  I took my emails off my blackberry.  That’s right;... View Article

think Mitt Romney Won the Republican nomination last night

Think Mitt finally got his act together and won a debate last night.  I think he’s going to win the... View Article

google reconsideration actually works! for google places

I got this email this week, to my utter shock and amazement that google reconsideration actually works for google local... View Article

pay your fines with pennies – Idaho Dept of Labor Sucks

Ahhh.  Pennies.  The last “Screw you” option when things just don’t go your way.  I came across this photo from... View Article

Mitt Romney is a Democrat right?

I watched a Mitt Romney interview on Fox News Sunday a week or two ago and was really amazed that... View Article

Christmas for under 10 bucks

We had a lot of fun doing an under $10 gift exchange this year between our staff.  Buying cheap presents is... View Article