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pay your fines with pennies – Idaho Dept of Labor Sucks

Ahhh.  Pennies.  The last “Screw you” option when things just don’t go your way.  I came across this photo from a year or two ago when we had to pay an Idaho Department of Labor fine.


Pay a fine with Pennies

Paying a fine with Pennies

Turns out in Idaho, an employee can quit and demand her paycheck for final hours before she even clocks out for the day she quit…. and if you don’t pay it, you’ll be looking at a 600 fine and some other random 160 or so dollars in penalties.

We had the lady who did our payroll quit without 2 weeks notice, and while on the clock ask if she could prepare her last check as if she was clocking out in a few hours.  I obviously did what any good business owner would do and told her to screw off.

Well, that didn’t turn out too good.  After some hearings, the Idaho department of labor held up some little known law that an employee can demand payment of their hours to be paid when they leave and quit without notice, even if they are the only person in charge of doing the payroll.  Sucks to be a principal type of guy sometimes!

So we did what any self respecting, bull headed, pissed off entrepreneur would do… We called our bank, ordered 760 bucks in pennies, had to buy a pallet, unwrap a lot of boxes of penny rolls, find a flat truck delivery service with a loading thing on the back end, and be willing to deliver a pallet of pennies indoors to the Idaho Department of Revenue.  Turns out the Idaho Department of Revenue CANT refuse payment in cash.  We actually overpaid by 8 cents in hope of them sending a refund request check that we could frame… but we ran out of time to request it.

I seriously hope they never do away with pennies.  When all else fails, you can at least be seriously annoying.  It is a horrible idea and complete waste of time, but it just makes you feel good.

Lessons learned?  The only thing I really learned was that if you have an employee that normally dresses like a slob and all of sudden starts wearing female suits to work… She’s looking for another job!  Funny thing was I even remember complimenting her and thanking her for dressing nicer.  So if your employees start wearing a little nicer clothing than normal and start wanting extended lunches or requesting to leave early, you might as well start working on your next Craigslist post for a replacement.

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