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think Mitt Romney Won the Republican nomination last night

Think Mitt finally got his act together and won a debate last night.  I think he’s going to win the republican nomination now.  I thought he was for sure tanked and had lost when it came out that he had checking accounts in the Caymen Islands and Swiss bank accounts.  I can tell you as someone who sets up businesses in tax free states that the ONLY reason you set up bank accounts in foreign countries is to hide from America…. but Newts an idiot and didn’t hammer down on that.

It’s more amazing to me that at this time of such utter need, these 4 guys are the best that ALL of America could come up with?  Why are they so stupid?  It’s like they each get close and then quit thinking… Newt could have won on the Caymen Island issue alone, but he looked like a whining bitter old man when given a slow pitch to hit it out of the park on.

Romney sure looks like the guy that could be a president.  He’s a darn good looking dude.  He looks way more presidential than the others, especially someone wearing a sweater vest.  Rick didn’t take the proper time to do the research on that one!!  Did anyone notice that EVERY time you see Romney he’s in jeans with a nice top, jacket without a tie, and on formal nights wears a tie with a black coat.  I wonder how much money he paid researchers and pollsters to figure out what outfits made people feel the most comfortable in.  Rick should have known no one would take him seriously with a sweater vest.

The real bummer is that Romney doesn’t actually do anything for any of us.  Isn’t that the amazing thing?  He doesn’t actually promote any type of tax cuts for pretty much anyone… He doesn’t have any policy that will bring the US more competitive.  He has no big idea to get Google and other massive companies to quit moving jobs and income oversees.  Until one of these boneheads running for our presidency decides to really try to make America more competitive than any other country, no ones going to want to come here from other countries and people will constantly be shipping their jobs and wealth oversees.  He doesn’t even want to lower our personal income tax rates.  So nothing will really happen to change anything, and he’ll probably waste his presidency trying to undo Obamas stuff which then just puts us smack in the middle of well… nothing.

How stupid is Newt!  He was about to win this whole thing and he starts talking about putting 13,000 people permanently living on the moon?  What a freaking idiot.  People without jobs and losing their homes could care less about people living on the moon.

What is it with these guys… Our choices are: A rich guy who hides money in the Caymen Islands and doesn’t want to lower taxes to make America more attractive and make running a business in America so easy that it wouldn’t be worth your time and money to put stuff in the Caymen Islands.  A guy who left two wives and wants to put 13,000 people on the moon.  A pesky sweater vest dude who wants to bomb the world and put us in war with everyone.  A 76 year old guy that would shut down basically every office of government.

It’s like no one really thought through what America wants and took a little bit from each of them.  I wish I could combine them all into one.

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