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why doesnt anyone want to WIN the Presidency

Why doesn’t anyone want to win the Presidency in 2012?

Who on earth is running these campaigns?

Tiger Woods, Snooky, or Mariah Carey could win the presidency if they ran on a 1 page tax return, 1% gross income tax rate, and no options or confusing deductions. 

I’ve never seen a time where there are so many people that are so fed up with just about everyone running our government.  So it’s really dumbfounding to me why no one seems to see how simple it would be to win the Presidential election on a very simple platform.

What does everyone want?
-A better economy
-More jobs
-Simpler taxes
-Stability in our Government

You could go on and on, but really everything goes back to a better economy right?  If the economy was better there would be more tax revenue and it would make up for a lot of stupid decisions our government makes.  This makes things more stable, and gives lawmakers more money to waste and fulfill everyones fantasies of what government means to them, whether big or small.

What would simply win the presidential election and fix it all?

A one page income tax return, with a gross income tax rate of 1%, with no credits, deductions, no loopholes, or any options.  Business entities and individuals each pay the same rate and each have to file the 1 page return.  That’s it!  (No S corp, C corp, or disregarded entity status for a business.)  You enter your total income, multiply by .01, and you pay it online every month.

-Eliminate businesses having to collect federal personal income tax from citizens’ checks.  Force individuals to set up an online account with the IRS, and pay their own personal income tax.

The benefits:
-You would always know how much tax you owe.  (Business and personal)
-A mentally handicapped person could file their own taxes.
-Businesses could just start their business and not fear setting up payroll with the IRS.
-Employees wouldn’t have to worry about too much or too little being taken out of their paychecks.
-There’s ZERO confusion.  ZERO tax games being played.  And almost zero expense for the government and us to collect and pay income tax.
-You could fire most of the IRS employees and actually streamline government.
-With the same online account, you could deposit social security and Medicaid checks into your online account.  You could eliminate so many federal workers it takes to just process the payments alone.

I have watched all the republican debates.  They fumble and bumble and don’t really seem to have any real solutions.  Romney wants to lower corporate tax to 25%.  That will just do absolutely nothing!!  That’s just more of the same crap we’ve always had.

If we had a 1 page tax return with a low gross income tax that you didn’t need to hire anyone to figure out, do you think Google would put 1000 plus employees in Ireland and shuffle their “World-wide income” through Ireland? Do you think people would incorporate a company in the Cayman Islands or Panama?  Do you think people would set up shops in India or the Philippines? Or hire out their call centers to Indonesia?  NO NO NO.  The Philippine companies would be coming here!

In fact, we probably wouldn’t be able to handle the floodgates of foreign investment into our country.  HUGE companies would be closing up their offices oversees and flocking to the US and the stability we would offer.  If the US looked at our taxes as a competition instead of wringing every dollar it can out of us, we wouldn’t have any economic problems again.  We’re confused as a country on how to deal with China and threatening steep excise taxes on their imported goods unless they make their currency valuations higher… None of that would matter if our corporate and personal income taxes were so low that China businesses would want to just move over here!  Do you know how absurd it is to start a business in China?  A low stable tax system would out-weigh running a business in China even with paying insanely cheap labor.  No one would leave our country to set up shop elsewhere.

So why are all these people who are running for president not smart enough to see this?  Perry doesn’t even tell us what his tax plan would do because his lobbyists probably haven’t made it yet, Romney buries a 25% rate in an 86 page PDF, and Cain wants us to have the burden of collecting and remitting a federal sales tax? Bachman just rants about how she has opposed bills, is a former tax attorney, but can’t come up with a plan?  And Obama wants to raise taxes on small business owners like me that have a high taxable income because our tax code is so screwed up it lumps small business owners in the same rates as rich doctors.

We’re just plain screwed if none of these people get it at this point.

Dick Cheney or Jon Stewart could win the presidency if they ran on cheap, simplified taxes with no deductions for big corporations.  Business and investment in the US would skyrocket and there would be so much money everywhere that everyone would forget the last few years of pain in this country.

Where is someone that actually wants to win the Presidency?

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